LGD: Leafs Visit Stamkos In Non-Hockey Market


The Leafs once again have the opportunity to check in on their future star Steven Stamkos. It’s kind of hard with tampering rules and all that, but it’s a good chance to see that he’s okay and that he’s still comfortable with playing in an inferior market in the most backwards state in the union. 

Hopefully, he’s focusing on the joy of playing for Mike Babcock, daydreaming about the quality of life he’d be able to have when all of his Toronto-based endorsements come to fruition, and acknowledging the joy he’d feel lifting the Stanley Cup over his head for fans who actually know what the Stanley Cup is.


As mentioned last night on TLN, the current Leafs roster doesn’t really matter now. We’re tanking, and this group is pretty good at it. At best, these guys are auditioning to be Steven Stamkos’ linemates next season. Good luck, you’re all getting traded. We’re bringing in winners for Steve to play with.

So let’s focus on Stamkos. Did you know his point per game pace is nearly back at 1ppg? That can only be attributed to the excitement one feels to move out of Florida.

Lineups via Dailyfaceoff.com

The Bolts really are the perfect nickname for this team, because I’d have to imagine that’s what every player wants to do after spending time with Steve Yzerman and Jon Cooper.

The fact that they are able to cling to a playoff spot shows the strength of character of many of the players on this team, not just Steven Stamkos. After Toronto rescues him, we should immediately get to work on saving Hedman and reclaiming Anton Stralman from this unpleasant situation.

Lineups via Dailyfaceoff.com


What to Watch For

  • Steven Stamkos skating close to the Leafs bench trying to listen and learn from Mike Babcock
  • Dion Phaneuf sneaking a copy of the Toronto Star real estate section to Stamkos during the pregame skate
  • Jon Cooper creating a hostile work environment
  • BarelyComments

    Now that we’re playing Tampa we have to talk about Stamer contracts. Heard a couple of people this week talking about how with all these big long term contracts being handed out to star players at the age of 26-28 recently, and the prime age of an NHLer only going down, GM’s may need to start pushing for those contracts given out at 26-28 to be 4-5 year deals instead of 7-8 year deals.

    Seems like a perfect scenario for Toronto/Stamkos. Next year it’s possible the leafs may add anywhere from 2-6 entry level contracts to the team, guy like Nylander, Marner, Brown, Zietsev, 2016 draft pick if they pick in the top three. And over the next 4-5 years there is likely to be an abundance of cap space.

    Come free agency if Stamkos really is available I wouldn’t be surprised if the Leafs offer Stamkos a completely maxed out contract at a 4-5 year term instead of something like 11m for a 7 year term. This way Stamkos gets all his money (and the bragging rights of earning the first max contract in NHL history I believe, 20% of cap, Aprox. 14.8m). And the Leafs also get to pay Stamkos for productive years (when they can afford it) and then get cap relief when it matters and they need to sign their young players. At that point you renegotiate a more reasonable contract for a 30-31 year old, or you walk away. Surprised this hasn’t really arisen as a possibility unless I’m missing something.

  • Bertly83

    why the hell is michael grabner STILL in the top 6?! he’s awful! his cinder block hands won’t be missed! #freeboyes or put holland with kadri. they looked good last game.

  • jimithy

    There is no one on the Leafs that could help Stamkos and he knows it. It would take five years to acquire a supporting lineup and by that time Stamkos would have had enough with the silly media questions and the quiet naive fans. There are better places to spend his millions and win with a solid team. The Leafs are too weak and he would just end up getting injured trying to do everything and not getting any support. Phaneufle is not a leader and Kadri is a prima donna and Reilly doesn’t know what to do when in the offensive zone. No, Stamkos ain’t comin’ home.