LFR9 – Game 46 – Keon To Success – Mtl 3, Tor 2 (SO)

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The Leafs lost but it was a beautiful day of hockey.


  • SEER

    My advice to young people thinking about a career in sports journalism is to keep abreast as to how many Canadian broadcasters and journalists across Canada have been fired as the corporate giants such as Bell, Post Media and other news sports outlets have cut to the bare bone. Newspapers imparticularly sadly are dying. You have a situation in which two friends of mine out here in God’s country sadly lost their jobs as similar to Toronto, TSN. felt that Canadians wanted to hear the likes of Freddy Coleman of ESPN or Fox radio sports, or C.B.S. radio sports. Yesiree no need for any local coverage after 7:00 p.m. for the fourth largest market in North America namely Toronto.

    I seriously don’t often watch your videos but I was looking forward to a couple of minutes of your nine minutes on three of the greatest leafs. But heh I get it that these three giant leafs were from yester year so priorities are priorities and thus I get some guy pissing on a wall. Classic Steverino, Classic.

  • SEER

    Have you noticed that the only team to be winless in it’s own division is Toronto?
    (0-5-6 Vs ATL DIV)
    In fact it is the only Zero for any team against any division. (Courtesy on NHL Standings)
    In other words, every team in the league has won at least one game against every division, except Toronto in its own division.

    Just one more extraordinary feat in the year of pain. Just a thought for you play with in the podcast.

    Also: RE: Dave Keon
    He played 1597 NHL-WHA Games with 137 minutes in penalties! 128 Playoff games: 14 minutes; as a first or second line center for the most part. 7 different seasons with one minor, and 5 with 2 minors. That is not real.