Brad Boyes Friends Support Him At HIs 800th Game and Raise an Important Question


(photo from Brad Boyes’ twitter account)

Brad Boyes recently played his 800th game, and as you can see from the picture above, several of his friends were on hand to celebrate it with him, all wearing a different jersey from Boyes’ lengthy career. 

This is a great accomplishment for the former Leafs draft pick and we here at TLN couldn’t be happier for him. There is, however, one question that arises from this picture however…

and it’s this:


If all of Boyes’ friends are wearing jerseys from teams that Boyes played for, does this mean that Boyes plays on a team called The Skidmarks?

Enquiring minds have to know, so a quick google search of Skidmarks Hockey yielded this result:



That’s Brad Boyes, leading scorer on the Streetsville Skidmarks. This mystery has been solved.

What Have We Learned?

Our biggest takeaway has to be that Brad Boyes owns one of the finest hockey jerseys I have ever seen. We have also learned that Boyes’ playmaking abilities are vastly underutilized by the Leafs as he’s managed 38 assists in 18 games in the Streetsville league. He’s truly as unselfish as they come. 

Also, Brad Boyes seems like a really likeable dude.