LGD: Rock Bottom?

Turn things around? Turn things around!?

After reading Ryan’s article on Auston Matthews, I don’t think I want the Toronto Maple Leafs to try and turn things around tonight. The Leafs have lost five games in a row, and will go for six this evening in Philadelphia against a Flyers team streaking in the other direction. In fact, if the league-worst Columbus Blue Jackets somehow pull out a win against the league-best Washington Capitals tonight, the Leafs will fall to 30th. What a time to be alive!

The Leafs

James van Riemsdyk isn’t in the lineup tonight, as expected, due to injury. Not because he was traded to the New York Rangers earlier today. And, as expected, pretty much everything else remains the same. Even Rich Clune is sticking in the lineup, for some reason. Also look out for a big performance from Morgan Rielly, who’s looking to bounce back with a renewed commitment to being on the ice in the final minute of the game (and with a new helmet that fits on his apparently large noggin).


The Flyers

Philadelphia is 5-1-1 in the month of January, and that top line of Voracek-Giroux-Simmonds is a big reason why. Hopefully the Leafs’ shutdown pairing of Martin Marincin and Roman Polak are up to the task! 

*cries under a table*


Starting Goaltenders

It’s shaping up to be a true goaltending battle this evening as the NHL’s two best netminders faceoff in… wait, what? Wow. No way. Philadelphia’s Michal Neuvirth (.936) leads the league in Save Percentage? And James Reimer (.934) sits in second? And both of these teams aren’t even in the playoffs? Dear Lord…


It’s not about what I think is going to happen. It’s all about what I want to happen. And what I want to happen is the Leafs pick, at least, top-three in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. So, with all due respect to the current players on the roster and to Mike Babcock and the coaching staff, I want the Flyers to beat the Leafs by a score of, say, 3-2. IN REGULATION. Let’s hit rock bottom.

  • Gary Empey

    I’ll second that.

    Given the roster, we’ve got the dream situation of the Leafs playing good hockey (when you watch them, they seem within reach of a win!) but headed toward a high draft pick. Please continue.

  • Gary Empey

    Justin. I am sixty eight years old. I have been watching the Leafs since my father bought one of the first TVs in Oak Ridges Ontario, back in the 50’s. During all that time there has never been a Leaf game I watched that I hoped they would lose.

    I do understand the fans who would like to see a number one pick come our way. I don’t think we have had one since Wendel.

    I will add that if you only knew the hoops I have to jump through to watch the Leafs here in the Philippines, you would understand how passionate I am about them. No DSL. No Cable feed. Intermittent satellite only. Maximum 800 megabytes per day,etc.

    • Gary Empey

      Gary you and I have been leaf fans for a combined 120 plus years. I am so thankful that as I turn 67 at the end of the month that medical science is creating a new pill that will allow boomers such as ourselves to live to 120 even 130, dammit I will see the leafs win another cup after the last one in Canada’s centennial year when Pamela Anderson was our centennial baby.

      I visited my old faculty building at U.B.C. today namely the geography department as I will be attending some lectures to see how different they are 50 years later. I talked to some of the young professors and they pointed out that they now concentrate on climate change and the enviroment in physical geography. I pointed out to them we studied back in the 1960’s petrified wood. I explained 50 years later I’m petrified.

  • jimithy

    Are you kidding?
    ‘Lookout for a big performance from Morgan Reilly.’ That’s a joke, right? Morgen Reilly is the next hero to never be. Lupul and Phaneufle are in the same category. Hunter can divert your mind for the next three years but you will be thinking the same depressing thoughts three years on. The problem is the problem and the problem is the culture in Toronto that allows crap to take control and weave your dreams into a web of wishes that will never come to pass because the whole city is so dumb that Lupul and Phaneufle have become your heroes. They suck. Wake up Toronto. Reilly has to be traded and Gardiner too and Phaneufle and Lupul have to be sent to the minors to learn a little about how to play hockey, hockey the way that it should be played. Not like a bunch of waffles. Speaking of waffles, I used to think they went well with maple syrup. But no, oh no, not if that bottle of maple syrup has a picture of a leaf on it. Because , as everybody knows, the Leafs suck, ergo maple syrup sucks. Thank you Toronto Maple Leafs for making maple syrup so disgusting.

  • Gary Empey

    Oh how the map of the world has changed in the last 50 years. I read BBC world news every day and not a week goes by that a name of a country I never heard of comes up. Naturally if they included the name it used to be called it would help.

    As for the Leafs I will say this is the best management team, I have ever seen in place.