So much is happening in this GIF of Morgan Rielly trying to squeeze a helmet on his head

Let’s break it down…

In the dying moment’s of tonight’s game against the Bruins, which was tied 2-2, Rielly lost his helmet. On the bench, one of the Leafs’ trainers went and grabbed a helmet (any helmet!) from the dressing room. The trainer grabbed Frank Corrado’s, a player who wasn’t even in the lineup tonight. Here’s where the GIF starts…

  • Rielly tries to fit the helmet on his head and fails
  • Dion Phaneuf finds it mildly entertaining 
  • Jake Gardiner thinks it’s f&$#ing hilarious, can’t contain his sheer joy
  • Josh Leivo (who desperately wants to be liked?) offers Rielly his helmet
  • Rielly is having none of that, and waves Leivo off

Shortly after, the Bruins scored to take a 3-2 lead. Like I said… not even mad.

  • jimithy

    … and then marincin and bernier assisted on the game winning goal by the sewer rat marchand. a truly leafy moment. as steve dangle says, they can’t just lose. they have to lose in spectacular fashion. both goals were on the first shot in the first minute of both periods (same old bernier) not that it was all his fault but this reoccurring pattern is tired and then the game winner is in the last minute… it’s officially a comedy act. ah well. at least the trade chips are contributing!