Report: Teams asking Leafs about van Riemsdyk, trade price “very high”

With only a month and a half to the trade deadline, it’s funny that we haven’t heard much about the Leafs and who they might be targeting or shopping. I guess now we’re living in a Lamoriello world, so information like this will be hard to come by from now on.

The main source of Toronto trade talks we’re likely to get is indirectly via sources from other teams throughout the league, as is the case this morning when there have been rumblings the team has received some interest in their best offensive weapon, James van Riemsdyk.

From Elliott Friedman (via

“Van Riemsdyk, I think other teams would love to get their hands on him.,” Friedman said. “I’ve had a couple of teams tell me that they’ve asked and been told he’s not available. So the price is very high for him.”

Unlike a lot of the forwards the Leafs will potentially be moving next month, van Riemsdyk is no rental and he’s still young, on a great contract to boot. There’s zero urgency in making a trade with him involved unless the return blows the doors off.

We’ve talked a little about the Blues and how they’ve been reportedly shopping Kevin Shattenkirk, and that’s likely the type of return you’d need to see in order for the Leafs to move on from ‘JVR’.

Friedman doesn’t drop names just for the sake of it, so there’s definitely some substance to this. It’ll be interesting to see if this rumour heats up a bit as we get closer to the end of February.

  • FlareKnight

    Yeah, no rush to move him but it’s probably reasonable to listen. That contract won’t be beautiful forever, it will expire and then you have to really pay him.

    I’m good either way. So fully support the Leafs saying “make a damn good trade offer and then we’ll talk.” They are under zero pressure to move him. Teams want quality then they will have to give it right back.

    We need skilled vets for when the team turns around so can pick and choose who we move.

  • Jeremy Ian

    I would demand a very high price. That’s all. Open to talk, but not for it’s own sake. He’s also tradeable in the last year of this great contract as a rental — by which time he’ll be putting up even bigger numbers.

  • Harte of a Lion

    If they’re planning on trading JVR this is the year as his no trade clause kicks in July 1, 2016, I think Shattenkirk and a first, or Shattenkirk plus plus

  • Jeremy Ian

    jvr is worth a 1st round pick and top prospect. he’s 26, just hitting his prime, on a crazy affordable contract for a few more years and capable of producing 60+ points. he was on pace for almost 30 goals again without kessel. i would trade jvr straight up for shattenkirk though.

  • Gary Empey

    The Leafs are in a bind here. They need another top four defenceman and the also need more scoring.

    @Puck_Stops_Here… A bird in the hand for two in the bush.

  • jimithy

    What was going on back then! JVR second overall! What a joke. There is no upside. He plays hockey, big deal. He’s paid millions of dollars. That’s a funny joke. But, it does shine a light on the lack of intelligence that runs rampant in the league. A league that spends all your money and dreams on crap, and deluded illusions, and rotten hot dogs.