LFR9 – Game 41 – Black & Blue Jackets – CBJ 3, Tor 1

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 2.44.55 PM

The Leafs lost to the Blue Jackets and I feel shame.



  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey Steve — yeah, like 45 days till trade deadline. But you know what? The team’s playing better than most expectations at the beginning of the year. The young core is decent, and the prospect pool excellent.

    This slew of games is a reminder that this team is just not good. Those dreams of sneaking into the playoffs belong in dreamland.

    So, what about the now? Babcock predicted discomfort, and this is what it looks like. But we’re seeing them play much better than last year, and some guys — the right guys — have shown that their learning curves are still sloping upwards: Kadri, JVR, Gardiner. I still have my hopes for Holland.

    I watch for individual improvement right now; there are too many players on this team that are short term fixes to say that this is the Leafs of the future. It’s all about showcasing the UFA’s and making Bozak and Polak play reliably. Thought about that way, every game counts.

  • Gary Empey

    Steve, You should consider doing the rest of the season wearing your camauflage warhelmet, that’s were I’m at with this team. Auston Matthews..nice go go tank nation