WWYDW: Replacing James van Riemsdyk


Monday we touched on the rather unfortunate matter of James van Riemsdyk being out for 6-8 weeks. At this point we’ve seen Josh Leivo promoted, and as far as Wednesday night’s game is concerned we’ll see Shawn Matthias joining Tyler Bozak and P.A. Parenteau on their line. 

This is all well and good, but this is unlikely to stick through February and possibly into mid-March, and there are few things worth considering.

  • With the trade deadline coming up on February 29th, is there a forward who could be showcased by putting them on a scoring line? Is that player Shawn Matthias?
  • Is it best to see what young players like Josh Leivo can do in a top six role? 
  • Further to that, if William Nylander recovers over this period of time, is this the right time for him to make his Maple Leafs debut?
The reality of this situation is that with the exception of Nylander, you are just putting someone into the lineup because of van Riemsdyk’s absence, you are certainly are not replacing him. Is it something where the Leafs need to radically overhaul their lines or is it just a matter of finding the right player to compliment Bozak and Parenteau?

I can honestly say at this point I’m in favour of trying a few different things over this extended period of time, but view the trade deadline as the most important factor in any decision, but it’s not about what I think here. It’s about what you think?

So valued TLN reader, what is the best option for the Leafs now that van Riemsdyk is out? I really think they need our help on this one. You can only recall Mark Arcobello so many times. (that’s a lie, you can recall him every day and it’s funny every time)

  • Gary Empey

    Stick Boyes on that line. His points/60 have been good but he hasn’t gotten any playing time. Second line minutes would likely benefit his production and trade value.

  • Gary Empey

    I kind of hope no one replaces his scoring completely. Maybe a few of our rentals could chip in a little and up their trade value, but hopefully not enough to prevent our free-fall down the standings. #Matthews

  • Harte of a Lion

    Something going on with Boyes and Babcock. We all have seen it when a coach takes an instant dislike of a player. Something similar happening with Boyes & Babcock?

    • Harte of a Lion

      I don’t believe Boyes is a Babcock type of player however at this time I think showcasing those players on 1 year contracts is the best route to take. If uncle Leo is hurt I would rather sit him for a couple of games and have Leivo play with Kadri and Grabner or move Boyes up in the lineup.
      The better Hesse players do, the better the return we will get.
      I have watched Lievo for 2 1/2 years playing for the Marlfries and I believe he has great potential as long as he gets the opportunity with the big club.
      Unfortunately for Iosh, he is a Nonis draft pick and we have seen that the current management does not think highly of the players picked before the 2014 draft.

  • Gary Empey

    Everyone keeps talking about “showcasing” our players for the trade deadline.

    For the most part we don’t really have anything to put in the showcase.

    The players that may have some limited trade value are already fulfilling their roles.

    Re- Replacing James van Riemsdyk

    Shawn Matthias seems to be the first choice. What’s lacking is scoring touch and there is not a ton of it in the present lineup. If Leivo can hold his own on the defensive side of the game then I expect him to move up.

    After watching game, Mathias is not the answer.

  • Gary Empey

    give boyes and matthias top 6 minutes goddammit! grabner should be on the 3rd line as boyes has outproduced him with basically no minutes. matthias will be a nice trade deadline asset come february if he plays how he did vs the blue jackets on a consistent basis. the lineup should be: matthias-bozak-parenteau, komarov-kadri-boyes, grabner-winnik-lupul, leivo-froese-holland

  • Gary Empey

    Not a Leaf fan but being from western Canada we get stuck having to listen/watch about your pathetic team daily. Could you guys please hurry and at least get a little bit exciting in like say the next decade or so.

    You have no players to replace your only marketable player (JVR). Hope your management stops going after other teams retread ie:Matthias, Parental etc.

    Stamkos is not the answer either for you guys as you have next to nothing for talent to play with him. Hoping your GM will fix your team via draft & sensible free agent signings.