Leafs Postgame: Well, That Was Ugly


In the pregame post earlier today, I complained that every time I count the Toronto Maple Leafs out, they seem to pull out a win. So, I called it the other way. I predicted the Leafs would handily beat the San Jose Sharks by a score of 5-1, and that Tyler Bozak would score two goals.

Never. Ever. Listen to me.

The Sharks made quick work of the Leafs tonight, taking advantage of a completely brain-dead Toronto team that could neither score a goal or prevent one from being scored on them. San Jose gets the 7-0 shutout win, and I feel great embarrassment and will never write another pregame post again.

The Rundown

You know, it wasn’t a half-bad start for the Maple Leafs. In the first period, Toronto had a number of quality chances turned aside by a tuned-in Martin Jones. Heading into the intermission, they were actually outshooting the Sharks 12-7. 

But then in during the break, Toronto forgot how to play hockey. Like, they could still skate, and they could still hold a stick, but they didn’t really know what to do exactly. They let San Jose players skate around them with ease. They left the ice while the play was still live. They were so distracted, that Daniel Winnik just completely stopped worrying about hockey when he discovered Joe Thorton’s facial hair.


The Sharks would take the opportunity to pile up goals, and I have to say, I can’t even put the blame on Bernier. Hung out to dry on pretty much every play, it’s tough to pin any of it on the beleaguered netminder.

Final score?

The Numbers Game


I don’t know if they were tired or if they’d gotten too much sun or if they just aren’t used to afternoon games, but you can quite clearly see that at the halfway point of the game the Leafs simply dropped off the face of the earth.

Blue Warrior

Only one Leaf looked good tonight, and that was Martin Marincin. The way he sat in the press box, presumably in a nice suit, and watched the game… Wow. Underrated skills, right there. Good for you Martin.


Let’s Go Home

Toronto will head home and get ready for a date with the Columbus Blue Jackets on Wednesday night. And for the love of God, if you can’t handle the Columbus Blue Jackets on three days of rest…

    • Gary Empey

      Thanks for taking that in good humour as it was meant. I certainly wasn’t blaming you or Corrado for that matter.

      It was most likely Justin’s pregame Leafs 5 – Sharks 1 prediction, that put the mockers on the game.

  • jimithy

    Well I was at the game. I have gone the last three years and have yet to see the Leafs win a game, and I believe, seen them score all of 1 or 2 goals. They are always on the third of three games in four nights when they play in SJ and always seem to run out of gas. I though they started well but yes, by the middle of the second it was like their left their brains on the bench. I have to say though that some guys just plain worked their asses off IMHO particularly Matthias but let’s face it these are 20 goals/year guys for the most part so you are going to have a lot of nights with spotty scoring. Kadri was better than the last two years and so was Gardiner, who for my money was the best leaf on the ice tonight.

    Well … there is always next year … sigh.

      • Gary Empey

        You may be on to something here. Maybe next year we all get together and buy him tickets for the Montreal game and ask him to stay away from the Leafs game. He could be “a Jonah” .

      • jimithy

        Yeah … that’s not possible seeing as they only visit SJ once a year and I live in San Fran. LOL Also its easy to get great seats at the Shark Tank for under $100 … try that in Toronto! lol

        However, that said, thinking I might fly to Denver to see them play the Avs next year.

        And yes I do get that we want to draft as low as possible this year … all I am asking is that they at least make a game of it … the last three years they have not even done that … can’t help but think its because they always play here after already playing two tough games in LA and Anaheim in two nights.

        • Gary Empey

          Too bad you had to see them play their worst game of the year. Almost every other game this year has been exciting to watch right to the horn goes at the end of the game. It is nice to see some posts from Leaf fans from afar.

  • Gary Empey

    everyone looked terrible. from forwards to defence to goaltending. it wasn’t all bernier’s fault but he didn’t look excellent as the game went on… auston matthews here we come.

  • V

    The good news if you were a betting man is that at least you got a split as the other Major league team from the big smoke playing tonight was guaranteed a win which they indeed got.

    The game didn’t bother me as the Sharks have the leafs number and as we have all said from day one of the season, the goal this year is to get the highest draft pick possible. Look at it from a positive perspective last year’s trip resulted in zero points but this year the squad beat the Ducks, fought L.A. to the end and tonight played their worst game of the year. Quick compare how many blow outs last year’s club had compared to this year. Yep a big difference in the positive column.

  • jimithy

    Kadri has the limpest wrists in the league and his paddy cake slap shot couldn’t dent a ballerinas tutu. Reilly’s defensive skills are on the same level as George Strombodumassolopolous’s knowledge of hockey and JVR has to be the worst second, first round draft pick in NHL history. Also, if anyone didn’t notice, first round picks, Bernier, Lupul, Phaneuf and company are not doing very well. Gardiner should not be allowed to play any more for the Leafs, he just doesn’t get it.

    • Gary Empey

      For an individual who does not enjoy all of his mental faculties, that was better written than your usual weak effort.

      Jimithy- Def

      A combination of the names Jim and Timothy; anyone who is named Jimithy will undoubtably be derpy and clumsy. Jimithys are very active, and will often run in circles for no reason. They also have an obsession with anything that starts with the letter L.

      “Who is that weird looking guy in the corner?”

      “I don’t know, but he sure looks like a Jimithy.”

  • V

    Justin, maybe try predicting every game as a loss?

    If they win, we all get a pleasant surprise, and if they lose you get to be right.
    Sounds like a win lose to me.