LGD: Kings Make Me Ralph


Leafs have a three game winning streak, and the third best record in the East over the last ten games.

The Kings have Luke Schenn and Vinny Lecavalier.

A win tonight would give the Leafs their best streak since December, 2014. More importantly this would allow the Leafs to assert their dominance over the Western Conference which has pretty much been the reason why we aren’t all ordering Auston Matthews jerseys right now.


P.A. Parenteau is your god now. Worship at his temple and he will bring you an increasingly better gift at the end of February. 

Also, how ’bout that Tyler Bozak? That guy sure loves points. I hope some of these Western Conference scouts are checking him out.

Lineups via DailyFaceoff.com

The Kings are truly #blessed to be in the easiest division in the league and that’s why it’s commendable that they are making things harder of themselves by having Luke Schenn play defense. It’s been a while since we’ve seen JVR walk around Luke, and tonight would be a good time to revisit that. 

Lineups via Dailyfaceoff.com

  • The Kings to look exhausted after the first intermission arrests
  • Stats boners for Jake Muzzin
  • Dean Lombardi kicking himself for not trading for Roman Polak instead of Schenn
  • The inside of your eyelids because this game is on f-ing late

  • Harte of a Lion

    We will get more for Polak that the Flyers got for both Scenn and Lecavallier.
    I have no idea how Babcock is working his magic but he has been quietly dominant as a #5 while his partner rotates in and out of the lineup like a carousels horse.
    His skating looks above average, he is rarely caught out of position and he is tough as nails.
    Maybe we can bring him back on a 1 or 2 year for less than he is now earning and flip him again. If Babcock believes in him, so should we.