TLN partners with /r/Leafs to launch AMA series


We at The Leafs Nation dot com are focused on one thing, and one thing only; complete and total world domination. We may look like a Toronto Maple Leafs blog, but the second we have the ability to be global dictators, we’re going to pounce on the opportunity.

To start that process, we’ve been trying to become trendy and likable on social media. The next frontier? Reddit.

What’s Going Down

“Ask Me Anything” sessions have become a staple of Reddit as they’ve evolved from a social bookmarking platform to a decentralized combination of off-site and original content. It gives the Reddit community an opportunity to interview their subjects, asking them just about any question their heart desires. 

AMA’s have become so successful that they’ve escaped /r/AMA and gone into many of the major platforms. As such, we approached the fine people at /r/Leafs do a group session. They liked the idea so much that they’re going to start a series of AMA sessions with different staff groups and individuals, but in the meantime, we’re going to be the ones to launch the project.

A minimum of nine TLN writers will be around on December 14th at 6:00 PM (that’s Monday evening, for those of you without calendars) to answer your questions. If you want to make sure you’re prepared for the action, I highly suggest joining Reddit, subscribing to /r/Leafs, and beginning to engage in the community; you can even submit and discuss your favourite TLN articles if your heart so desires!

I’ll even put money on the board here and gift some Reddit Gold to the person who posts the best comment on Monday night. Sound good? We’ll see you then.