WWYDW: Talking ’bout Stamkos

We’re going to make this one real damn simple. 

We’ve been talking about Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos a lot lately, especially since Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos poured an entire can of gasoline on the topic yesterday. Earlier today, Ryan Fancey followed that up with a great piece on why Toronto absolutely should try and sign Stamkos as a free agent, which was promptly followed up by the discovery that Stammer himself fave’d a tweet of a TSN story regarding the Leafs’ pursuit of him

What a time to be alive!

So, what do you think? There are some (insane and nonsensical) folks out there who believe that Toronto should not make Stamkos a priority, and plenty more who think he’d be a perfect fit for a team that’s craved a true #1 centre since Mats Sundin joined Canucks Army.

Would you sign Steven Stamkos? Trade for him? Pass on him? Where does Leafs Nation stand?

Tell us your hot take in the comments below.

    • Cloud09

      Sign him absolutely. Don’t trade for him. If Stamkos wants to play in Toronto then we want Stamkos. If he doesn’t, that’s cool and we can continue about our business. But if he does want to, then why the heck would you trade for the guy when you can get him for nothing (besides the 11 mil a year salary)!!! Stamkos holds every card in the deck with his NMC and his UFA status approaching on July 1. IF he wants to be in Toronto, no one can stop him and the Leafs are not going to turn him away.

  • MatsSundin#13

    To those who say that having Stamkos as a Leaf would mess up the rebuild – no. The skill and tenacity he brings (not to mention that shot!!!) can only make the team better and help the young guys learn how to be professional by being around a true super star.

    Can’t until Babs puts together a first powerplay unit of Stamkos, Marner, Nylander, Rielly/Phaneuf, and JVR in front of the net 🙂

  • JB#1

    Can I pass up an opportunity to label myself as, and I quote, “insane and nonsensical”? Of course not!

    Someone needs to take the opposite side of this discussion so here goes.

    My arguments against the Leafs pursuing Stamkos are summarized succinctly in this article I posted:


    What I’ll add to the points I raise in the article is that assuming my AAV number is accurate ($12 million) can the Leafs really afford to tie up over $20 million in essentially two players. Stamkos $12 million, Phaneuf $7 million, and Kessel’s retained $1.2 million?

    Assuming the cap does rise to $74.5 million, $20.2 million represents approx. 27% of the payroll. This only leaves $54.3 million to spread around the other 21 roster players – or roughly $2.6 million per player. Do the math and see if you can make it work.

    OK, have at ‘er.

  • Gary Empey

    From Extra Stuff NY.

    The Leafs front office began “Operation Land Steven Stamkos” last season by shedding the contracts of players like David Clarkson and continued into this summer when they finalized a deal with the New York Islanders which rid the organization of five contracts. The deal brought Michael Grabner to Toronto, a serviceable player making $5 million and just happens to be a free agent at the end of the 2015-2016 season. A total of near $14 million will be coming off of the books in Toronto at the end of the 2016 season, much of which is being paid out to players who will not be in the long term plans of the team. That is a lot of Canadian Dollars that will be freed up.

    New York Islanders

    There has never been a time where the moon and stars have aligned so perfectly for the New York Islanders. The team is on a high, they are loaded with young talent, and have a lot of cap space. They are in a new building desperately trying to sell season ticket packages and corporate suites. It is all there for the taking and that is why Stamkos to the Islanders makes so much sense. The Islanders are one of the few teams on this list that could actually make a run at Stamkos in season, without completely reshaping the current roster. So that option, while unlikely, exists.

  • silentbob

    Signing him, I’m all for it but trading for him shouldn’t happen. Yzerman will as kings ransom for Stamkos which probably means both Marner & Nylander

  • silentbob

    The question is – is the Leafs rebuild (or at least the high level asset acquisition phase of it) done?

    Are we and/or Leaf management 100% sure that some combo of Nylander, Marner, Rielly, Tkachuk and Kapanen WILL develop and turn into the core 2-3 franchise players you need to build a winning team around?

    If yes, you sign Stamkos. He speeds up the proccess of going from losing to winning, takes the pressure & buys time for the young players and team (you could let Nylander develop another year easier with Stamkos on the Leafs next year). He gives them a high level veteran to play with when they get to the NHL, he becomes a veteran leader right away and would be for a long time etc…. But the risk is…….if they’re wrong and we/they don’t yet have the horses yet then we’d just be setting Stamkos up as our next Sundin.

  • SEER

    Would love to have him here, but as a few above have already mentioned, not for “any” cost.. Only if it makes sense.. A trade isn’t out of the question.. IF… it is a good trade for us.., in terms of player choices.., but that is doubtful… Waiting…. is probably the best thing we can do about him, right now..

    SIDENOTE: New video, for our present Leafs leading goal-scorer…

    The Grinder: Leo Komarov’s First Ten Goals & Hits – TML 2015-16

    Leo Komarov
    Center — shoots L
    Born Jan 23 1987 — Narva, Estonia
    28 yrs. ago
    Height 5.11 — Weight 198

    2015-16 Toronto Maple Leafs – NHL
    (*Up to: Dec. 10th 2015)

    28 Games… 10 Goals… 6 Assists… 16 Points… +/- 0

  • Gary Empey

    From Don Cherry at sportsnet:

    Does Steven Stamkos end up in Toronto?

    Looks like his parents moved there to Florida, so if I was betting, I’d say he signs in Tampa. He loves the weather. He seems to do good there, and he’s playing a lot of hockey [19:40 per game, tops among Lightning forwards].

    Was too much of a stink made about Jon Cooper throwing him on the wing?

    He can play anywhere. It’s like when you go to the Olympics. You take all those centremen, put ’em on the wing, there’s no problem at all. A hockey player is a hockey player.