Here we go again: Stamkos liking tweets about himself and the Leafs


Just when you thought StamkosWatch 2K16 couldn’t get any sillier, things are right back to where they started over a year ago. A quick look at Stamkos’ Twitter profile shows that, once again, the only item in his likes is a post speculating whether or not he’ll head to Toronto or not.

The link in question directs to a video of TSN’s panel debating whether the Leafs should pursue Stamkos. Bob McKenzie is in favour, as is Jeff O’Neill. Craig Button, on the other hand, felt that Stamkos was too old of a piece for the eventual Leafs core.

This is not the first time that Stamkos has created controversy with a favourite. In July of 2014, Adam Proteau wrote an article suggesting that the superstar forward should head back to his hometown in a Lebron James-like scenario; Stamkos favourited (as it used to be) the link to the article and a tweet from a fan that supported the idea. We talked about that situation here.

It’s hard to say what Stamkos’ motivation is here. Random likes could mean a lot of things. Sometimes it’s to acknowledge that you’re watching over someone (I know a big-name celebrity who did this to me and it was moderately creepy). Sometimes you’re trying to help more people see something because of your infrequency of using the feature; one of Roberto Luongo’s likes was to help me promote the Five Hole For Food Tour without breaking character and tweeting a link.

Stamkos could also be a normal human being and wants to watch the video at a later time, so he’s us saving it for later. He could also be a jerk and liking it just to cause a controversy. Or he’s acknowledging that he’s coming here.

I don’t know. At the end of the day, we’re all looking silly having strong reactions to a reaction to a tweet. But his free agency status is on its way to be the longest term transaction rumour in the history of the Leafs media and fanbase, and a following through would cause a huge shockwave in the hockey world and put a match on the rebuild’s gasoline.

Certainly, the legitimacy of all of this increasing. But, with six and a half months until we know the end result, who knows what comes next?

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