LGD: Devilish


This is the last Leafs game you’ll see until December 15th, so take the time to savour this one because it’s gonna have to hold you.

It seems cruel that the last game before 7 nights off comes against the Devils. I mean, I guess the Wild would have been worse, but can you think of a team that’s more boring, and you care about less than the Devils? (excluding the Wild)

I guess the story we’re gonna get beaten down with tonight is that it’s the first time Lou Lamoriello’s team faces the Devils. I can’t bring myself to care about that at all, but if that’s your bag, cool.


Right now the Leafs are one point ahead of the Flames for dead last in the league. A loss tonight makes it a pretty good bet they’ll be 30th in the NHL before they play again.

Another point of interest around the Leafs is with this stretch of time off right before the holiday trade freeze makes me wonder if we can expect any roster movement. I’d assume that Bibeau and Sparks will be returning to Marlies as soon as possible, but I’m curious if they take advantage of this opportunity to do something more significant.

Lineup via Dailyfaceoff.com

When I first looked at the Devils roster my first thought was who the f%@# are Brian O’Neil and Sergei Kalinin. I’m pretty sure they didn’t exist until just now.

Secondly, I was heartbroken to see that the Leafs will be playing against Lee Stempniak, who will likely abide by the former Leaf rule and light Toronto up. 

Lineup via Dailyfaceoff.com


Cory Schneider

What to Watch For

  • I’m genuinely curious about the still intact Holland-Kadri-Komarov line. I think it’s good
  • Can Sparks break the good game, bad game rotation?
  • You know all those players you thought retired or were in Europe, SURPRISE! They’re on the Devils!
  • Hopefully a goal or two

  • FlareKnight

    Just…how the heck did he get up like that?

    But yeah, hockey game today. Umm…well should be interesting.

    In the end we’ll just see. Curious to see how the Leafs play and if they can continue the scoring they unleashed last time.

  • Gary Empey

    There is still so much parity between the bottom 18 teams that no one really wants to make a trade yet. Looks like the GM’s are all hoping their teams can turn it around.

    The Devils have won 4, lost 4, and tied 2, of their last 10 games. They are sitting in the last wildcard spot 8 points (four wins) ahead of the Leafs.