Bernier Gets Fan and Goal Support in 9-0 Shutout

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Jonathan Bernier’s mind, heart and soul conditioning stint continues to go exactly as planned for the Leafs organisation. The temporary Marlies starter had another very, very strong performance, that happened to coincide with one of the most dominant offensive showings that the Marlies have ever had. In front of a decently sized crowd at the Air Canada Centre, the Leafs of the future overpowered the Manitoba Moose to the tune of a 9-0 victory.

Once again, Bernier’s night wasn’t overly difficult. For the first half of the first period, the 27-year-old only faced one Manitoba shot, and in no period did he face more than eight pieces of frozen rubber. Most of the opportunities came from the perimeter, and he wasn’t often left with much risk to worry about. There were some legitimate chances, though, and he easily stopped them all.

It was a perfect scenario for Bernier. He got to play behind a team that was clearly better than their opposition, and he did it in the same rink that he hopes to succeed in once again. The fans showed their support, giving him a loud ovation at the start of the game, only topped by the “Lets Go Bernier” chants in the final minute of play and the louder cheer he received when named the game’s first star.

It was more than just him, though; his offence was firing on all cylinders. Most notable was the team’s top line of Josh Leivo, William Nylander, and Richard Panik, who combined for three goals and nine points, largely centred around passing plays that simply outwitted Manitoba’s defence and goaltender Jussi Olkinuora. The entire line near the top of the of AHL scoring race, with Nylander at the very top and both TJ Brennan and Mark Arcobello also in the top 25.

There were a few other insane moments as well, though, like Andrew Campbell’s goal setting off today’s Teddy Bear toss:

And a misplay by Olkinuora that gave Rich Clune a dramatic shorthanded goal which really got the ball rolling on the game:

Overall, it was another dominant performance from a dominant team. The win gives the Marlies a 3-for-3 sweep on the weekend and pads their stats just a little bit further. Toronto, who are second in the AHL in Win Percentage, now have twenty more goals than the best team in the east, and their goal differential of +38 is nine goals larger than any other team’s. 

The Marlies return to the ice on Friday, when they take on the Comets in Utica.

  • Gary Empey

    1. TOR Campbell, (6) (Clune, Hyman), 10:09

    1. TOR Clune, (3) (Arcobello, Campbell), 13:50 (SH).

    TOR Arcobello, (8) (Leivo, Nylander), 19:06 (PP)

    2. TOR Bailey, (3) (Percy, Loov), 2:43

    2. TOR Leipsic, (5) (Carrick, Holl), 5:46

    3. TOR Leivo, (7) (Panik, Harrington), 1:18

    3. TOR Panik, (6) (Leivo, Nylander), 4:44

    3. TOR Nylander, (13) (Leivo, Loov), 11:48

    3. TOR Gauthier, (3) (Brennan), 19:01

    • TGT23

      Bailey, Percy, Leipsic, Loov, Leivo, Nylander, Harrington!!!! ALLLLLL THE HAPPY! I just want to fast-forward in time a few seasons for when these guys come up.

      Oh, and also GJ Bernier… Hope that confidence is building back up nicely.

  • Gary Empey

    How does a not overly difficult night translate to a, “very, very strong performance”. No more than 8 shots in a period on one in the second, if you carry the Y that ads up to 17 shots. I would hope he, or just about any goalie get the SO in that scenario. Better than laying an egg, I guess, but I hope he gets a stronger challenge than that, or this becomes less about getting reps and more about coddling. So he shuts out a team in a league below in a blow out, I would expect nothing else. Cause when he gets recalled he’ll be playing behind the Leafs again, not an all star team like the Marlies.

    P.S. #freethewillie I’ve seen enough, time to bring up some of that high end talent and see what he does in the show. He’s dominated the SHL and now about one season in the “A”. He’s too good for this league. It would be nice to see some exciting player(s) for a change. Win a medal at he J20 and then call him up!

    • Gary Empey

      What more do you want from him? He was perfect, hence it was still a strong performance. The fact that he didn’t face much challenge isn’t really in his control.

      • TGT23

        Your’re right, he couldn’t have done any more than he did. But it is not impressive. 17 save from an NHL goalie is expected, not very, very impressive. If he stopped 47 shots, that would be impressive, especially given his play this year. Why is it impressive if in your words, he didn’t face much of a challenge? It’s good, it’s fine, it’s just not “very very impressive”. IT’s like graduating pre kindergarten. You have to do it, but it’s not much of an accomplishment.

        • TGT23

          “Not very impressive”

          Hey, genius… The goalie does not control the amount of shots coming at him. He saved every puck that was shot at him, not one went in. How can that be a negative thing?

          Because it’s not enough shots for YOU to be impressed? Piss off.

          I get that your mind only understands more shots is better but if Bernier stopped 47 shots that game but let in 5 goals I guarantee you would be all over him.

          Overall, I hope that Bernier knows the true fans out there will have his back.

          Idiots will always be idiots, and that just can’t be helped.

          I mean you have to know something is wrong when you’re picking apart a SHUTOUT.

          My word.

          • TGT23

            Other than calling me names, you got anything else? Sorry but a #1 NHL goalie getting a shut out in the “A” in a 9-0 laffer is not impressive. Saying it is very, very impressive is hyperbole at best. I never said it was a negative thing, that is your word. I said it wasn’t impressive, I didn’t say it was a bad thing. He saved all the shots in a blowout, well he should. He’s supposed to be our starter, a shut out in a blow out against a weak team in a lower level, sorry that is not impressive. It’s good, he did what he was supposed to do, that is all. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s back, it just means he did the minimum in a blowout. When he gets a shut out in an NHL game, then I’ll be impressed, but getting worked up as you are over this, is crazy…huh, I can call people names too! So far this is the only article that is over the top positive. I like Jeffler, but he blew this out of proportion that is all. IF Bernya comes back up and stinks again than this will be for not, if he comes up and stands on head, then today’s game might be bigger than it looks, but you and I and Jeffler won’t know that till he plays for an NHL team again.

          • TGT23

            So your’re the one (props). Well to make his point he had to insert inflammatory words I didn’t write, and then call me names. Bernie has been awful for a long time now ,not just this year. If he got back to back shutouts with the Leafs, that is something I can get behind. This is supposed to be our number one goalie, yikes. Actually, given the way he has played, I guess a shut down on the farm is impressive, for him. He didn’t even let in one shot from center ice. That’s a step up.

          • TGT23

            “I said it wasn’t impressive, I didn’t say it was a bad thing.”

            Well what in God’s name are you saying?

            Seems like a whole lot of typing so say nothing of import whatsoever.

  • I’m not sure the logic of the attempted resurection of this goalie who has that amazing 1 and 19 record. Let us not forget there will be several other teams attempting to unload their failure in the nets at the trading dead line. Bottom line this club under the tenure of Babcock is obviously heading in the right direction.

    Allowing Bernier to continue playing is similar to the continued use of Clarkson. The guy is not in the leafs plans for the future. Eat the salary and admit that another mistake was made. Heh previous management was legendary for it. So no problems with an occasional screw up.

    One other comment that I want to rectify is the implication that I’ve been gloating over the Raptors. My basic premise in referring to them is that like most Toronto sports fans I’m excited that they are now a playoff club that brought in the G.M. of the year Masai Ujiri to run the club. It has a similar feeling to the bringing in Babcock and others such as Hunter and Lamerello. Both teams owned by M.L.S.E. is bringing in exciting young talent.
    Of course I know as any knowledgable fan would know the hockey rebuild will take much longer than a basketball rebuild.

    So nice try to the poster who I usually simply ignore for falsifying my intentions regarding using a comparative analogy of the Toronto sports teams.

    Go back to your childish ways of fighting with pro Reimer or anti Kadri posters in here. I’m haven’t got time for your mindless, childish pap.

    I will now continue to ignore you.

    • TGT23

      “Allowing Bernier to continue playing is similar to the continued use of Clarkson.”

      *looks at watch*

      Nope, I certainly do not have enough time for this one.

      • TGT23

        Damm Luc I’m jealous of your fine watch. Mine is stuck at 1 WIN AND 19 DEFEATS. But heh go for it with Bernier. Maybe he will be the next Josh Johnson or Ricky Romero of baseball. I mean what is wrong with the collective shrugs and down cast looks of his teammates who are busting their tails out there to see this sieve allow his usual soft goal a game.

        Yep waste another two years on this stiff, now that’s a game plan. Thank God Babcock is the coach and not you. This is a guy who wouldn’t let Mr. Norris trophy player Subban play in the big games for team Canada.

        Babcock knew when he came in that management had taken Bernier to arbitration and tried to low ball him, rightfully so I might add. Babcock has done the limbo dance trying to give this guy every opportunity. He has failed miserably as that infamous 1 and 19 record illustrates. But heh if you can’t figure out 1 and 19 well it truly says it all.

          • TGT23

            Yeah Justin it is nothing ever personal. Nothing wrong with a little trash talking. I’ve had my royal purple butt, to quote George Bell kicked good in here a number of times. I really enjoy you and your comrades articles in here. Plus the postings of the regulars and irregulars in here. We are all leaf fans and have the feeling that finally this management is gonna get er done. What a dull world it would indeed be if we all agreed on everything.

        • TGT23

          1-19 means a lot less than you think it does. Also, it isn’t true. 1-17, because two of them weren’t his starts.

          But, more to my point; Is a 2-1 or 2-0 or 1-0 loss on the goalie? Because just this season Bernier has lost four games when allowing 2 goals or less… Two more last year. Six of the 17 losses he allowed 2 or less. 8 of the 17, three or less goals.

          Not great, but I hardly see how you blame him for all 17 losses when clearly in almost half he wasn’t actually bad.

          And, again, you’re crediting him for losses where he played in relief of Reimer. And both of those games he allowed just 1 goal in what were 5-3 and 5-0 losses… So, not really on him.

          Seems disingenuous… Like you’re trying to skew stats to fit a narrative.

          • Gary Empey

            T.G. I think most of the leaf fans feel the guy has had his chance. I think you would also agree that the likes of Lupul, Phaneuf and other veterans won’t be with the new rebuild when it is in full swing. That being the case I’m convinced that Babcock will go forward with a game plan of either keeping Reimer who has to show that he can stay healthy and produce a full solid season. Other wise management will trade for a solid current N.H.L. goalie or develop a kid like Sparks.

            My basic point is that Bernier’s team mates look like they had given up on him. I tend to use comparative analogies which poor Luc can’t comprehend. Seriously Luc keep your garbage mouth out of here. No one needs the name calling. Simply grow up and take your frustrations out on somebody else. Now it wasn’t coincidental that all of a sudden the Jay pitchers performed much better when they got rid of their terrible fielding short stop Reyes and brought in the best in the game, namely Tulo.

            T.G. whether Bernier’s record should have, could have would have been say 4 and 15 , the bottom line is that the guy hasn’t been the big media built up future leaf goaltender he was proposed to be.

            Obviously the management hailed him as the saviour and we had Toronto media people suggesting he be the third back up for team Canada and the guy had played less than a year of N.H.L. hockey. It was preposterous.

            All of us want this team to move forward and I feel and I think the majority would agree that we will accomplish this faster with out continuing experimenting with goal tenders who have been given chance after chance. As I stated Reimer either gets healthy and shines this year or he too has run out of chances.

            Other than that I enjoyed your feed back as unlike the other guy it was civilized.

          • TGT23

            Honestly, I thought I was censoring myself. No swears etc.

            You seem quite upset and I think I may have cut deep here. If I caused you any real pain I sincerely do apologize.

            My comments were just meant for fun, not to be taken to heart.

            I suppose I think I’m funny, who knows. I do laugh at my own jokes!

            I will always defend Bernier, for many reasons….

            Yet one will do:

            As for my garbage mouth, it goes with me,

            And I go where I please. 🙂

        • Gary Empey

          I tried to think of how 1 and 19 had anything to do with my comment on you comparing Bernier (a goalie) to Clarkson (a player… or…. a not goalie).

          I really did try.

          I must say I am stumped. It seems that you’ve written a nice argument to someone? I merely commented on your awful, just awful comparison.

          Then I see you compare Bernier’s 2-year 4.15 million dollar contract to Ricky Romero.

          To put it simply, I figured you were dumb and you confirmed it.

          Though I detect there is a hint of douche as well.

          I’d like to think that you enjoyed writing all that garbage above^, and I helped bring you that joy I suppose.

          You are welcome, sir douche.

          Weirdly enough this comment seems very similar to another display name, both in intelligence and overall relevance.

          I also see that you too have been having a weird bromance concerning me.

          I cannot help but wonder if this is the same person talking to themself? (themselves? bah)

          The other option of two dimwits sadly is not a brighter one.

          Oh, what horrors you have spawned?

          I blame that fancy guy, or whateverhisnameis.

  • The way I see it. We’ve given Reimer a whole lot of slack the past couple of years. He’s been pretty awful.

    He goes on a decent run this year and everyone wants Bernier gone. Bernier has higher upside if can fix his game.

    Doesn’t really matter anyway because Reimer will be gone by the trade deadline and Bernier will either be starting or backing up sparks.

  • Gary Empey

    In the end the Leafs need two good goalies. Whether one is a goalie, forward or defenceman you still have to play a good consistent game. A new young player is allowed only a certain amount of time to fine his groove. Allan Hartigan is likely correct in his assessment that one of Reimer/Bernier will likely be let go. It is still too early to know if Sparks is the main man yet, but he could be.

    You can’t really assess any players on the last years Leafs after Carlyle was fired. Everyone knows what went on there.

  • Gary Empey

    Yeah right they will keep Bernier to back up sparks…at 4.3 mill don’t think so….

    As for Reims unlike Bernier who has been given every chance to succeed and failed, whose been coddled and now is sent down to play with the little kids so he can try and come back and play with the big boys again….at least Reims came out this year and took the bull by the horns with no help or coddling from this organization, Reims has showed that it takes more than just skill to play in the NHL its takes the ability to get into the game mentally as well as physically…

    If I was this organization I would be pretty unhappy with Bernier right now…..The so called #1 has not played well for over a season + now and to top it off, he has lossed his mojo or the space between his ears whatever and now they have to Farm team Goalies carrying the load and getting paid NHL salary, why their so called 4.3 net minder is down on the farm trying to find himself again and another net minder on the shelf….yep I would not be a happy camper at all…

    But it’s ok because Bernier will come back from all this love and support and be better than ever….

    Good for him…………

    At least Reims can believe in himself and no matter what never gives up and comes out and betters himself on his own,,,,He at least his worth his pay cheque..

    As for sparks good for him….I like the team of Reims and him, better combo….but will see….