VIDEO: Mitch Marner undresses 67s Defence with gorgeous goal

The Mitch Marner train is chugging at full steam this week. A night after picking up his first hat trick of the season, the 2015 Leafs first round pick is well on his way to putting up another one tonight; including this gorgeous (and shorthanded!) tally in the second period.

Before this goal, Marner opened the scoring on the night with his 19th goal in 24 games, that just so happened to send a barrage of teddy bears on the ice (it’s Charity Toss Night in London). But good causes aside, the London Knights had a game to win and were tied 2-2 with the Ottawa 67’s. That was, until this:

Marner started off this play by aggressively chasing Liam Herbst as he played the puck. While he wasn’t able to strip it off of him, he did make it to the boards just off to the side of the hash marks in time to start off his attack. He would need more than just a nice shot to create a scoring chance, though, and got a bit cheeky to beat Ottawa’s defenders.

Since the goal, London has added a pair to make the game 5-2; with one of those including a Marner assist.

  • Harte of a Lion

    This kid is going to be a hockey player in the NHL
    Question to all,
    If the Leafs win the lottery, would you trade it to Arizona for Strome and Arizonas first if it’s a top ten?
    If it’s not a top 10 maybe Strome and Duclaire?
    Arizona wants Matthews more than Adam wanted Eve and I’m not certain Matthews is better than Strome. Without McDavid and Eichel, Strome Marner would have gone 1,2, and add Nylander and the Leafs start to look pretty good at centre.

    I would make the trade, how about you?

    • Harte of a Lion

      Matthews is 10000% better than strome. he’s stronger, faster, bigger, better two way game, better offensively and has clearly proven he can be elite against men. he looks better than eichel right now in Switzerland. he’s always doing something. he is truly the big elite #1 centre everyone dreams of like a kopitar stop this. you never trade Matthews for strome and duclair. they’re great players but they’re not on his level.

      • Harte of a Lion

        Let’s wait until the draft. Strome looks incredible this year, not certain you could make a case that Matthews is so much better and Arizona might trade everyone except OEL.
        It’s not about having the best player, it’s about having the best team…. Cough cough Edmonton

    • JB#1

      Are you kidding?

      IF the Leafs win the draft lottery this could be their opportunity to jump start their status to serious contender just like Quebec/Colorado did with the Lindros trade.

      Being a local phenom, Matthews could be so important to the survival of hockey in Arizona that they might be desperate to overpay.

      If you’re going to trade Matthews to Arizona, you start by asking for O.E.L., Domi, Strome, and their 1st. If that is rejected, you plug pieces in and out until you get a deal done. i.e. Duclair, Dahlbeck, 2nd round picks, etc.