LGD: #HereComeTheOilers

Tonight the Leafs are playing against a team that wins the lottery more than Ms. Cleo’s best customer. They are playing against a team that figured the backup goaltender for the Presidents Trophy winning team must have been just that good that he can be their number one. The Leafs are playing against a team that traded Jeff Petry and Martin Marincin while having the worst defense in the league and replaced them with Andrej Sekara, Eric Gryba, and Griffin Reinhart and declared they’ve improved. Tonight the Leafs play against the only team who Leafs fans can pity the fans of. 


The Leafs

Over the past decade, when the Leafs have been at their worst you could always still count on a win against the Oilers. Tonight really shouldn’t be any different. It doesn’t matter that Garret Sparks is making his NHL debut, it doesn’t matter that the leading goal scorer has come down with a case of being Joffrey Lupul, and it doesn’t matter that Roman Polak is unfortunately still a thing we have to overcome on a nightly basis. It’s the Oilers and the two points are gift wrapped and ready to be delivered.

Lineup via Dailyfaceoff.com


The Oilers

Remember when Oilers fans were busy reminding everyone who’d listen that nothing else matters because they got Connor McDavid? That was fun. What was even more fun was when the Oilers managed to still be terrible with him, and now have retaken their rightful place in the basement without him. I’m sure the number one thing motivating McDavid to heal and return to the lineup is that he can play enough games this season to knock a year off of unrestricted free agency eligibility and get out of Edmonton a year earlier. 

Lineup via Dailyfaceoff.com

Defensive Pairings
Darnell Nurse 
Darnell Nurse
Andrej Sekera 
Andrej Sekera
Oscar Klefbom 
Oscar Klefbom
Mark Fayne 
Mark Fayne
Brandon Davidson 
Brandon Davidson
Justin Schultz 
Justin Schultz

Really take the time to savour those defence pairings when you look at this lineup, they really are quite amazing. The bottom six forward group is astonishingly bad too. I’d say they are still about five more first overalls away from icing a competitive team.

Starting Goaltenders



Anders Nilsson

What to Expect?

  • The AHL Game of the Week
  • Oilers fans saying “At least Draisaitl looks good”
  • Leafs fans saying “At least Rielly looks good”
  • Some mention of Edmonton winning the Grey Cup and everyone in Toronto being confused by what that is.
  • Some mention of arts and culture and everyone in Edmonton being confused by what this is.
  • Sparks going to for a celebratory burrito after the game

What the Enemy Is Saying…

Our friends at Oilers Nation know they need defensive help, they just aren’t willing to pay for it…

If the Predators come calling with Seth Jones, perhaps none of that matters. Maybe it’s so important to shore up the right side of the blue line that trading a quality 22-year-old two-way centre makes sense if the possibility arises. I don’t believe in “untouchable” lists and there are certainly deals where it would make sense for the Oilers to part with their 2011 No. 1 pick.

But caution is vital here. Nugent-Hopkins is far from superfluous, and the best case scenario would be if the Oilers can solve their defensive shortcomings without giving up on the lovely one-two-three combo they have at centre. Edmonton fans have seen how a lack of depth down the middle can hurt a team; it’s a lot easier to find a Teddy Purcell-type player who can play on the wings with a good centre than it is a good centre to fill a void if one develops.

Trading Nugent-Hopkins may turn out to be the best possible decision at some point. But it should certainly be a last resort.

In other words, “long live Justin Schultz!”

  • FlareKnight

    Oh this will be good, we’re playing against Goldberg! That guy can’t stop a beach ball :).

    The issue for the Oilers is being willing to cash in on their talent for once. They can’t just stock up on 1st overall picks and expect that somehow they’ll get the rest of the roster solved without trades. Trading a guy drafted in the top 5 of the draft is tough….but they have to do it or it really will be a hilarious disaster that they finish at the bottom of the league…..again.

    Best of luck for Sparks. A good chance to get his first career NHL win here.

  • FlareKnight

    battle of the toilet bowl. let’s get sparks his first nhl win. i think he’ll have a great game. can’t possibly be any worse than bernier giving up 3 goals on 4 shots to the oilers last year…

  • Leafs fans making fun of the Oilers makes about as much sense as trying to lose weight by cutting off your head. For a team that can’t win anything, lottery included, you guys sure do love the smell of your own farts.

    • FlareKnight

      Well on the positive side at least the Oilers have great zingers.

      Not that I blame you. Knowing that despite all those first overall picks that your franchise can’t turn things around would lead one to be angry and want to pick fights with others.

      All the thumbs downs in the world won’t change the fact that the Leafs are moving in the right direction and actually have a plan to execute while the Oilers need some real help to get out of the dark. Hopefully they find it for the sake of Matthews and other top hockey talent.

  • FlareKnight

    This article is hilarious.

    Almost as hilarious as the fact that no one comes here seeing how there is no Nation of Leaf fans….

    Enjoy your 2 views per blog Mr. Steitzer

    Btw how’s Marincin doing? Not good? Big surprise!

  • BorjeSalming-IanTurnbull

    I’ve read some bad articles in my day but Jon Steitzer has to be the worst. Making fun of another franchise when the one he follows hasn’t won a thing since The Beatles released “Yellow Submarine” Show dick some respect

  • FlareKnight

    How can you bring yourself to take the time to write an article for Leafs Nation when you know that literally no one cares about, or more importantly reads these articles…?

      • Gary Empey

        I think if Jon knew there was going to be a lot of Oiler fans reading today he would have written the article in pure “Comic book” form so the folks from Edmonton could understand it.

  • Oil City Roller

    That was a junk article, written by a hack, for the worst fans, of the most heinous team, in the lamest city of all time. If it was a choice of gouging out my eyes or cheering for the leafs, I’d be learning brail real quick.