Leafs Postgame: Reimer Stands On Head, Everyone Else Just Stands Around


Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

When James Reimer arrived on the scene in 2010, former Leafs head coach Ron Wilson joked that Toronto fans were too eager to build a statue of Reimer outside the Air Canada Centre. Well, jokes on you Ron. You were fired years ago, and James is still here stopping pucks like a legend. 

I mean, he’s not winning, but that’s not the point…

Despite Reimer, the Boston Bruins came out ahead tonight with a 2-0 win over the Leafs. Here’s your recap.

The Rundown

Just like yesterday evening against the Hurricanes, the Leafs’ offense just couldn’t quite execute. It’s not even that Toronto couldn’t beat Tuukka Rask, it’s that they couldn’t get more than 20 pucks on net all night. I mean, if you want to put things in perspective, Roman Polak had three shots of those 20 shots while Nazem Kadri didn’t even get one. That’s the very opposite of good.

That said, it would take over 56 minutes for the Bruins to actually do any damage. With just minutes left in the final frame, a wide-open Zdeno Chara would take a pass across the Leafs blueline from Zach Trotman, step in to the top of the circle, and sent a hell of a slapshot right through Reimer’s legs.

A few minutes later, Brad Marchand would secure the win with an empty-netter. But that’s not important because no one likes Brad Marchand.

Blue Warrior

We’re getting to the point where James Reimer is embarrassing his teammates with how often he’s the best player on the ice. How rude, James.

Reimer stopped 36 of 37 shots. In his past five games, he’s only allowed six goals against and carries a 0.965 SV%. Is that good? Let’s ask Han Solo.


Thanks, Han.

Second Date

Both the Leafs and Bruins will be heading to Toronto for a rematch on Monday evening. Tune into TSN4 at 7:30 pm for all that action.

  • SEER

    and why is babcock playing kadri against bergergon. Kadri got dominated in this game. Kadri really can’t handle top talent and kadri’s offensive game is suffering.

  • SEER

    Congrats to Reims again tonight for standing on his head on a back to back yet…should have been an better outcome for him as he deserved it…

    He continues to thrive and get better…gotta love those stats for all you stats guys…looking real good to me…..

    It is just so nice to see Reims finally get some love…..

    Hang in there Reims….there’s always next time, as in Monday….hopefully he has earned the net again….

    • SEER

      Reimerfan hopefully the leafs will be able to find a back up goalie who actually can win more than one game in 18. Other wise Babcock should just play the heck out of Reimer.

  • SEER

    Fantastic game to watch ! Just like a playoff game
    Chara was the difference.He didn’t look old at all last night .
    The Leafs seem to bring the best out in the Bruins.

    Matthias really needs to practice his breakaways.
    It was his best game as a Leaf.

    Reimer was unbelievable!

  • SEER

    Rask 12-3-1 against the Leafs.
    This is why teams dont trade players within their Division.
    He hasn’t been playing great this year but still manages to stick it to the Leafs every time.

  • SEER

    Bottomline imo is that the Leafs are netting about 2 goals per game. Cannot justify paying 100 dollars for a ticket to support these salaries out of my banking account for such low production.