REPORT: Stephane Robidas still a ways away from recovery

The Leafs aren’t exactly in a rush to get Stephane Robidas back into their lineup; they’re having enough trouble fitting in the defencemen that are healthy and better suited to the present roster. That hasn’t stopped the Robidas from trying to come back though his timeline is still yet to be seen.

Talking about the Robidas injury is still a weird subject, seeing as nobody quite knows what’s going on. On October 5th, Robidas was first rumoured to be placed on waivers, then told he didn’t make the team, before the Leafs clarified that Robidas had a knee injury. Or a groin injury. Or a leg injury. I’m not sure which. Nobody’s really sure which. Only that something is keeping him out of the lineup.

It’s hard to say that the Leafs miss him. Robidas was arguably Toronto’s worst defenceman last year, both visually and statistically, and doesn’t fit into a lineup that already has Frank Corrado, a younger and better player, sitting in purgatory. With that said, to ensure total cap relief, the Leafs need Robidas to keep trying to recover for the next seventeen months, without success.

We’ll see if that actually happens.