Jonathan Bernier Was Just Joking, Thank God


This morning, we brought up that the Leafs may be looking at Malcolm Subban of the Boston Bruins reasonable, since the Leafs have seen exactly zero wins from early year starter Jonathan Bernier over the course of the Fall 2015 campaign.

Bernier ended up getting mildly injured and sat out a few games, though, during which time backup James Reimer has improved his record on the year to 5-2-1. He has a .925 raw save percentage, was the league’s third start of the week last week, and looks miles above his now-number two, Bernier. 

Is Bernier handling it well? 


Look. I’m a big(ish) Bernier fan, at least in the sense that I think he’s generally an acceptable 1A option in net. He looks pretty awful right now, but I’m generally of the belief that his skill set exceeds this year’s limited evidence provided by his save percentage (and his uncharacteristically sloppy play on more than a few nights).

The first game Bernier was referring to was his own upsetting 4-3 loss on Monday night, when the New York Rangers extended their win streak to nine games and Mats Zuccarello scored on Bernier with less than a minute left in the game. 

Oh… there was also that goal by Derek Stepan, which was described as ‘essentially a dump-in from center ice’. (Did you miss it? That’s probably a good thing.)

The second game? Well, it sounds like Bernier was referencing the iconic Game Seven collapse against the Boston Bruins in 2013. That was a three-goal lead relinquished in the final ten minutes of the game – against James Reimer, nonetheless – and the game was ultimately lost on an overtime shot by Patrice Bergeron. 

That’s some shade, Bernier.

Ok, ok…

It’s hard to see the Leafs giving the okay to Bernier for the majority of the starts this year, and it’s looking like it makes more and more sense. For a bona fide starter, though, this would be insulting and upsetting – yet Bernier has never been better than a 1A at best for Toronto, and that makes his ‘snarky’ comment all the more awkward.

The good news is that the Reimers are a family that doesn’t take much crap. I can’t see this shaking Reimer at all unless he’s shaking with laughter; he should continue to be reasonably above average, although the question remains whether he’s capable of playing a full starter’s load on a season without seeing his play decline. 

The bad news? Bernier isn’t the UFA this summer – Reimer is. Considering how this season has gone so far, you’d have hoped it was the other way around.

  • CMpuck

    People are hoping Bernier does better than Reimer just based off Bernier being signed for a year? Why? Who’s to say we don’t already have our Starter in Reimer? regardless if he’s a UFA, I’m tired of people Questionong if Reimer can handle the role of a Starter without his play declining. He has done it in the past. What happened to him with the 2 concussions in years past is what effected his game. He’s back to himself now. Bernier is overhyped by many he’s not as good as you or others claim him to be. He had 1 ok year and everyone thinks he’s a Solid goalie smh.

  • CMpuck

    Epic dig, Reimer Nation ignores that melt down and pins it on… DIon? Or no it’s was Carlyle and Bozak both weren’t on the ice. I read 80 articles about how elite Kadri is God for having one goal on 60 shots but we can’t discuss how that game broke down. Was there an article breaking down and assigning accountability?

    • TGT23

      If you’re reading those articles and your take is that people are saying Nazem is “elite for having one goal on 60 shots” then you aren’t reading the articles carefully enough, or have already made up your mind that Kadri sucks before reading them.

      • CMpuck

        No, no, I read how great Kadri is, Kadri is so good he doesn’t even have to find the score sheet.

        I get to listen to Adam Wilde say things like, ‘Bozak can have a lot of scoring chances but count all the chances he misses, he misses a lot’ and then ‘Kadri is great for generating chances, those goals will come’, ‘Bozak’s shooting percentage is too high, it’ll come down’ and ‘Kadri’s shooting percentage is too low, that’s ok, he’s due for a breakout’… when I’m wrong it’s just luck…. #critical thought?

        I’m just a liberal arts grad school dropout, so I should learn how to read better…

        • TGT23

          Yep, proving my point, you have made up your mind and so when you read or hear something you’ve already decided whether or not to listen to what they are saying.

          “I read how great Kadri is, Kadri is so good he doesn’t even have to find the score sheet”

          You decided a long time ago, and reiterate the opinion every so often, that Kadri sucks. You’ve been very clear on this opinion.

          So when someone says he’s creating offense and not being rewarded with points, you’ve already decided they are blowing smoke and an apologist.

          Meanwhile you look at the scoring numbers, see he isn’t putting up points, and you use the lack of points to reinforce your opinion that he sucks.

          And since you are incapable of watching Kadri play and seeing any of the things he’s doing well, you focus on whatever bad you can find to further solidify an opinion that no amount of fact or performance could change.

          You don’t like Kadri and you don’t want to like Kadri, and nothing he can do will be good enough for you to believe you are wrong.

          If you wanted reason to be optimistic about him you could find a ton. You choose not to see.

          • CMpuck

            Lol, let’s be honest, no matter what I posted your response would be ‘you’re proving my point’

            I’ve never said Kadri sucks, I’ve said I resent the praise he’s handed while Bozak is made a whipping boy, I’ve said over and over that Kadri = Bozak, their both 2/3 centers, nothing special nothing terrible.

            Not indulging this strawman further.

  • Jeremy Ian

    It was a stupid remark whether or not he was referring to THE G7. But classless if he was.

    Stupid because it’s the kind of flippant quip that confirms the image of Bernier as, well, not very committed.

    He should shut up and focus on his play.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Of course he was referring to Reimer. Totally classless and immature. This is a definition of what Babcock refers to as not being ‘good people’. He’s done. I don’t think Babs is going to let him put on a Leafs jersey again.

    • CMpuck

      Lol, I wonder if we kept Schenn if this site would be littered with Luke Schenn is sooooo good y’all, look at the underlying numbers. Should we be trading for his brother?

  • CMpuck

    it sounds like he’s not taking his job seriously and maybe it was a jab towards reimer. maybe it wasn’t and he was really saying “thank god it wasn’t in a more important game lol.” it doesn’t matter if it’s game 1 of the season or game 7 of the playoffs. every game should be treated the same. he should just stop talking period. no one wants to hear what he has to say and he embarrasses himself when he talks to the media. he either shifts blame on the team, complains or only cares about himself. he’s not a team guy and he clearly can’t take that reimer surpassed him as the #1. shut up, accept it, work on your problems, be ready to go when asked and support your team even as you continue to struggle like reimer has for the last 2 years. that’s what a good back up does and he’s not even a good back up at the moment!

  • CMpuck

    The type of comment Bernier made will not go over very well in the dressing room.It’s stuff like this that starts problems.
    I don’t think either Shanahan or Babcock will be willing to let this ride joke or not.The public probably won’t hear any more about it as it is best kept quiet but I think the wheels are probably in motion to end the problem.Pro’s don’t act like this Cat it’s not good for the team.

  • TGT23

    I think we have to give Bernier the benefit of the doubt here. He may actually have been referring to the 1971 World Series where Nelson Mandela went 0 for 4 in the seventh game and Fidel Castro whiffed him on 3 straight fastballs for the final out.