LFR9 – Game 18 – BOOernier – Tor 3, NYR 4

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The Leafs let victory slip right through their five hole.


  • Gary Empey

    Nice jersey Steverino. Speaking of wearing a leaf jersey in New York it reminds me of one October a few years back when I was on one of those big honking double decker bus tours in the big apple. Now Joey from Jersey says heh take over the microphone and ad lib for us.

    Well naturally I didn’t want to disappoint the guy so I proceeded to pontificate about New York. We just happened to be passing Madison square gardens and there is a famous sports bar across the street. Now the Rangers fan club, some 500 were decked out in their finest Ranger jerseys. I was of course wearing better clothing namely my leaf away white jersey. As we passed them I pointed out to the passengers that the Ranger fans were indeed great hockey fans. I made sure I gave them a big index finger as we went by.

    So on to tonight’s game in New York. Good rant on your part but you did make one GLARING MISTAKE. The leafs have only one N.H.L. goalie who at best is a mid level performer.

    As Jonathan Siegel so eloquently pointed out tonight BOONIER HAS ONE FREAKING WIN IN HIS LAST 18 GAMES.

    The guy is a human sieve. My favourite Italian restaurant had the spaghetti strainer break. I’ll let the owners use Boonier, he will totally strain the pasta. Hell we will use the pasta sauce that another Toronto big bust use to hustle, namely Bargnani’s pasta sauce.

    To quote Alanis Morrisette a good Ottawa kid not far from Kingston once sang. KIND OF IRONIC DON’T YOU THINK. The leafs stink in the analytics give up 30 shots tonight 45 against the leafs and presto like a Randy Carlyle club early in a season they start winning.

    Wow I know what got the leafs that fine November record. FREAKING HALF DECENT GOAL TENDING FROM REIMER. Wow what a concept good goal tending wins games.

    I’m happy for Pete Rose who was sitting behind Bernier in the first row holding a clutch of Vegas betting parlour tickets. The guy was so excited after Bernier just allowed the fourth goal.

    Rumours have it that Rose doubled down on the Raptors losing. The Raptors confused with the time changes walked off the court with 5 minutes left and handed Sacramento a victory. Boonier would have felt right at home in the Raptors dressing room.

  • CMpuck

    Can Bernier be sent to the Marlies to get his confidence back?

    He needs to play this out of his system as everyone knows Bernier has the skill to be at least an average NHL er.

    Time to sign Reimer to an extension ASAP!

    • CMpuck

      open your eyes. the leafs need more than a new goalie. funny when goalies traded away from leafs play much better. leafs have a very shaddy defence at best they are an ameican hockey league defence. i guess kessel and his goals would look pretty good now. at least he made his linemates better. can’t when with no defence.no offince and a coach with an ego the size of detroit. never won with crappy players.talk about all you want about systems,compete level,structure and nothing will change.babcock need a vetran team to win. he is not a young players coach period.5mil per year foe a coach that got out coached for stanly cup by bysma. should have hired him and his teaching style

  • Gary Empey

    Hey Cat – Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.All that training and stuff Bernier’s had that makes him Better than Riemer only makes him look prettier when the puck goes in.LOL

  • CMpuck

    This is what I hate in Leafs Nation…

    I’m a Reimer guy so Bernier sucks…. I’m a Kadri guy so Bozak sucks….

    In each case it’s basically the same level of talent. Kadri is better on possession with zero finish, Bozak sucks on possession and is all finish given a chance.

    Reimer has played great for 3 whole games, first time he’s done this since the shorten season, goalies get hot and cold, Bernier is cold. Reimer is going to cool down this year, Bernier is going to have a hot streak this year…

    Bottom line is all four players have shown promise and all four are yet to breakout. They’re all 3-4.5 million dollar talents, the debates, false claims of certainty… enough already.

  • Mapleleafs75

    Great rant. I’m stunned though, you didn’t talk about Babcock throwing the water bottle after the Rangers first goal. That was almost as epic as the Bautista bat flip, IMO. I’m amazed he didn’t throw the tray of water bottles onto the ice after the goal from centre.

    I wonder, has any team ever had the same 2 goalies bounce in and out of the team’s dog house for multiple seasons? Or trade for a goalie, while keeping the goalie that got you to the playoffs, forcing the new one to be the new #1 goalie only to have him be inconsistent over 2+ seasons, while having the team’s original goalie emerge as the team’s #1?

    We all laughed at how the Canucks handled the Luongo/Schneider situation, but I believe the way the Leafs have handled Bernier/Reimer is 100x more dysfunctional.

  • MacTwoTimes

    It’s really quite simple. Ever since ‘Mandela-gate’ Bernier’s confidence has been shattered. It’s in his head that everyone knows he’s an idiot.

  • MacTwoTimes

    Bernier’s problem right now is obvious in my opinion. Lack of confidence. He does not believe in himself whatsoever and that explains the weak goals and terrible rebounds. He is second guessing himself and nothing is feeling natural. He needs to overcome this if he expects to play some more games. From here on, continue to start Reimer. The guys is playing good and he has earned the number one spot.

  • MacTwoTimes

    put carlton the bear in net ffs. i bet he could stop a f*cking puck for once. bernier looks like toskala. i already repressed a lot of leafs memories! idk if my mind can keep repressing anymore pain!!!