James Reimer is the NHL’s Third Star of the Week


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I sincerely didn’t expect Toronto’s goaltending to be garnering any accolades this season, but here we are – James Reimer is the NHL’s third star of the week. Matt Duchene took home the top weekly honours while Mats Zuccarello was named second star.

Reimer went 3-0-0 in three games this week, with a .952 SV% and a 1.62 GAA. The 27-year old has made the most of his latest opportunity to run with the Leafs’ net. Jonathan Bernier, who has yet to win a game this season, sat out for an extended period of time, allowing Reimer to find a groove and turn in stellar performance after stellar performance. 

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Toronto’s coaching staff either. Mike Babcock rewarded Reimer with starts even when Bernier returned from injury, and only sat Reimer on the back end of this weekend’s back-to-back schedule. Bernier gave up four goals on 30 shots in a loss to the New York Rangers last night, and Babcock wasted little time in letting the media know it’d be Reimer back in net tomorrow evening against the Colorado Avalanche.

It certainly sounds like Reimer has taken over the starting job from Bernier for the time being, and that’s very cool. It wasn’t long ago that Bernier was sent out night after night despite poor play, so it’s good to see a Leafs coach rewarding good performances (even if it is the easy choice).

  • SEER

    About time got the respect he deserves… So many “doubting Thomasinas” writing him off.. and after Bernier’s sub-standard performance in the last game.., it’s pretty clear who the best goaltender is in the Leafs, this season…

    Never doubted him for a minute… and I knew the main catalyst behind his previous weak season was the two concussions..and not being completely healed from them…

    ..And like I said many times before.., Bernier has always been way over-hyped… Reimer is a better goalie than Bernier.. and Bibs will be better than both of them, when his time comes in the future.. Just wait and watch..


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  • Jeremy Ian

    Yes, it is good to see coaches reward good play with playing time, but also to work with players who are struggling with the adjustment — like Holland. So, I would not rule out Babcock’s coaching staff working with Bernier to get him (re)habilitated. It’s not good for the team to have Bernier playing like crap.

    • magesticRAGE

      …or maybe there’s a team that’s willing to do the rehabilitation for them. I’m with SEER, I have always thought Reimer was the better goalie, and never got the recognition that he deserved. Reimer is a momentum guy, needing a string of starts, and then carry that momentum of stellar play.
      I had wanted the Leafs to trade him in July, get 2016 picks, and pick up a goalie for rent on a 1 year deal, just to bide time. Leafs spent 4M on a goalie who the jury is still out on, and who is made of Plexiglas! Oh well.
      I hope this leads to Reimer getting a 3-4 year deal at he end of the season, for roughly the same Bernier got. You know…cause he would of, you know…deserved it.

      • Jeremy Ian

        I like Reimer’s fight too, though I disagree that he never got the recognition; Leaf fans, for the most part, love him.

        But let’s be realistic. He’s a UFA at the end of the season. This might hurt his die-hard fans, but he’s just augmenting is trade value. I doubt he wants to resign with the Leafs given what happened. So, this just may be a win-win, and Reims gets his decent contract with good pay that he deserves. But I’d be shocked if it’s with the Leafs.

        Which means we need Bernier to get his act together. (I doubt he’s in the long-term plans either, incidentally; so he’s got to increase his trade value or wind up burning through the last year of his contract as backup to a rental — end of career).

        Bernier has no trade value now; Reimer’s quickly inflating his. If I am management, that’s the math I need to track.

  • magesticRAGE

    Bernier is the most overhyped goalie over the past 3 seasons. He’s not very good, don’t believe me watch the 2008 World Juniors. Btw I’m happy for Reimer & no person deserves this honor better than Reimer

  • magesticRAGE


    THANK YOU REIMS!!!!! for bringing your game on….I believed in you from day one, and unlike these past 2 seasons where you were giving no respect and pushed to the side for the GREAT BERNIER (yeah right)you have both the respect of a Great Coach and a team that believes in your ability and together you have stood up and showed all the doubters that you are better than Bernier and that you have worked hard and have what it takes to be a starter, if not here than elsewhere….

    From the day he came I said it was a waste of money and time and that they were messing with an area that wasn’t broken…

    Bernier has done nothing great since he got here and he was always given the benefit of the doubt, he was always given everything yet produced nothing,,,,

    I have remained quiet since this all has begun, not bad mouthing Bernier or over playing Reims…but WHAT THE HELL!!!!!

    REIMS ROCKS AND I HOPE TOMORROW HE AND THE TEAM GET THEIR GAMR BACK….it was sad to see them work so hard last night only to loose…..