Leafs Postgame: Going Streaking

It was another good night if you’re a Leafs fan.  A good first half of the game from the team, and an excellent second half followed up by some yet again fantastic goaltending from James Reimer, ensured Toronto their third straight win, and the sixth time in their last seven contests that they’ve picked up at least a point.


The Leafs were the better team in the first period.  Overall, they just played a very sound game, moving the puck well and keeping the play outside of their own zone.  They outshot the Canucks 9-6, and midway through the period, Nazem Kadri made a nice drop pass to James van Riemsdyk, who wired it by Ryan Miller for a 1-0 Leafs lead.  Late in the period the Leafs got the only powerplay opportunity of either team, and had a couple of good cracks at making it 2-0.  Ryan Miller held the fort though, and the teams headed into the locker room with the Leafs up by 1.

The Leafs weren’t quite as well-rounded in the second period, but they still did enough to keep the game under their control.  They did outshoot the Canucks in the period 15-14, but it just seemed like they were chasing the puck a little bit more than they had been in the first.  But while their even strength play wasn’t quite as consistent, it didn’t have to be, as P.A. Parenteau (and the rest of the team really) made the most of a 5-on-3 powerplay midway through the frame.  When the Canucks had a powerplay of their own later in the period, the Leafs got a pair of good scoring chances, including a Michael Grabner penalty shot.  They didn’t capitalize though, and it wasn’t long before Jannik Hansen came in over the blueline to cut the Leafs lead in half heading into the third period.

The Canucks didn’t completely dominate Toronto in the third, but they did throw everything they had at James Reimer.  And while the shots were 25-15 for Vancouver in the final frame, the Leafs were still able to outscore Vancouver 2-1 in the period.  Things started off good for the Leafs when Tyler Bozak fed Shawn Matthias an easy goal on a 2-on-0 just a couple of minutes into the period.  Midway through the period though Alex Burrows was able to tip a Yannick Weber point shot and cut the Leafs lead to one once more.  The Canucks really started to apply the pressure from here on out, but a scramble in front of the Vancouver net late in the period got Joffrey Lupul his 200th career goal and sealed the deal for the Leafs.

And just like that, even though it was a mixed effort of sorts from the Leafs, they’ve now win three in a row.


Those three straight wins are in large part thanks to James Reimer, who was once again excellent tonight.  Just 2 goals allowed on 45 shots gave him a .956 save percentage on the night, and Reimer is tonight’s Blue Warrior for Toronto.


The Leafs fly out to New York tonight ahead of their Sunday Night Hockey matchup against the Rangers.  The game starts at 7:00PM Eastern and can be seen on Sportsnet.

  • we should keep reimer for the rebuild until we can get another goalie either from the draft or free agency/through a trade. we should trade bernier as soon as possible. we should have signed him for one year not two. now we’re stuck with him.

  • Gary Empey

    Wow Shawn you truly are a charmer with the candle light dinners and long walks. But on to the fact that the Vancouver Canuckleheads got their assed kicked by a very, very weak leaf team with approximately 70% of the roster not being with the team three years from now. You should hear the whining the crying, the moaning, the rendering of Canucklehead garments over their loss to the leafs. It is wonderful and hilarious.

    Once again Reimer is the Blue warrior of the game. HEH BERNIER ENJOY YOUR FREAKING BACK UP ROLE.

    Obviously this club is heading into the direction that will please M.L.S.E. which has been hemourhaging big time since the beginning of the year. Yesiree excitement in the air as Babcock has this club playing his style of hockey which will get us what???? MAYBE the 11th , 12th pick which will take us maybe to nowheresville as this club needs top quality high draft picks to turn this sorry franchise around from 49 years of frustration.

    Still beating this bum of the month club Canucklehead team is always, always fun. I’m about to wander over to a favorite watering hole styling and profiling in my autographed Killer leaf jersey to excite the loser Canucklehead fans crying in their beer.

    • TGT23

      You are impossible.

      When the Leafs lose you complain that there is nothing to watch here and how you miss Carlyle and that he had the team in 8th when he was fired and weren’t those games so exciting?! Or how these analytic guys can’t seem to make the team win, they must not be very smart after all.

      And then you rant about how some other team is so great, usually a Toronto team in Year 5 of a rebuild has it right and the Leafs, in Year 1, are nowhere near that good.

      And when they win you complain that Babcock is screwing the team out of a better pick and how real Leaf fans are stupid if they find anything redeemable about the team. How are those analytics guys so stupid that they allow the team to win in a tank ywar?!

      Can’t have it both ways.

      • FlareKnight

        Heh T.G. it is known as having fun, satire, tongue in cheek. Not having a hissy fit over some one suggesting that Reimer be the number one goalie. It is not going on anger fits.

        It is a posting to have fun. You should try it some time. You might even try to smile you will feel better.

          • Gary Empey

            I agree Gary as this is not world war three in here. I mean the boys in here have their Booby Cappucino. Some times you just have to watch a national geographic special and develop that rhinocerous hide if some one dare trash talks you.

            It is all in fun, all in fun.

    • FlareKnight

      Luckily we’re not counting on much of this roster going forward. So at the very least they create a lot of trade value at the deadline.

      Of course I’d rather we were just getting clean losses and improving that pick. I hate having to rely on the lotto to get a top pick here.

      But at least we’ve already got some extremely good talent in the system so even this bunch can’t take that away.