Leafs Postgame: #ItWasTwoOne

The 2015 Maple Leafs have really shed their reputation of being lazy and bad defensively, and have developed a brand new one: working really hard, but still losing. 

Tonight was no different, except for the Leafs looking like they had a win in the bag. That is, until Washington scored with 1.7 seconds left. This is the new Leafs tragedy we will be talking about for years to come. #ItWasTwoOne


The Leafs got off to a great start, with Daniel Winnik opening the scoring 2:36 into the game – a nice change from the early goals that have gone against the Leafs as of late. This was just the fourth time in fourteen games that the Leafs have scored first.

Despite the Leafs lead and solid play, all the CBC crew could talk about was how great Alexander Ovechkin is, as if they had just discovered it. It was…perplexing.

All of their worshipping gave Ovechkin enough power to tie the game up on the powerplay five minutes into the second.

The Leafs, for the most part, looked good and in control. And halfway through the third, James Van Riemsdyk rewarded the team for their efforts on the powerplay. 

There was the situation – Leafs up 2-1, time running down in the third. Ovechkin seemed to have scored another, but had his goal waived when the Leafs challenged. Turns out, Justin Williams isn’tt so clutch when he interferes with a goaltender.

Time continues to wind down. Washington calls a timeout, and with the goalie pulled, this happens.

They tie it. With 1.7 seconds left. This, of course, forced overtime, which was fun as heck, but would solve nothing.

The first six shooters would be held scoreless in the shootout, until Ovechkin – who else – scored to give the Caps the win.



James Reimer had a great game, especially in the third period when Washington really dominated the Leafs. Unfortunately, he walks out with a L on his record, but his .935 save percentage in this game bumps him up to .913% on the season. He’s making the most out of Bernier’s injury.


The Leafs head to Dallas on Tuesday to take on the Stars for the second week in the row. The game starts at 8:30. 

  • Harte of a Lion

    Im so happy to watch a game and see the boys trying their best and showing effort. Eventually the results will show. Management gave bernier the money but it’s time to let Reimer run with it as hes shown in the past and in these past 4 games, the more he plays, the better he plays

  • Harte of a Lion

    Things are going along as planned right now for the MapleLeafs play hard outwork your opponent play solid defensively and still lose. Can’t ask much more from a rebuilding team

  • Harte of a Lion

    This loss brought back those terrible memories from that Boston playoff series being up solidly and losing it. I’m sorry but the problem was not Kessel.

    And it wasn’t the coach either as Babcock is colourful lipstick on pig.

  • Gary Empey

    The leafs played an exceptional road game but obviously lack the killer instinct. I think most intelligent leaf fans were not upset with the out come as we want to keep that point total low in order to get the highest draft pick possible with the luck of the draw.

    I must admit that Kadri is working his tail off but obviously he is trying to hard when it comes to scoring as twice in the o.t. he carried the puck on a two on one and refused to pass it.

    Similar to the Jays start of their season a lot of fans just simply sat back and took it in. No sense in rendering the garments over Phaneuf, Gardiner or others as 70% of this season’s roster won’t be with the club when the rebuild has the team being a contender. So sit back accept the fact that crazy things will happen to this club such as giving up a goal in the last second.

    Oh sure as others have pointed out you take a lot of trash talking, case in point I got to put up with these canucklehead morons next week. I simply point out to them that the Sedins are just about washed up, Miller is 35 and Hanhuis is 34. So sure they might make the playoffs only to be hammered in the first round and for their reward they will get the 18th first round pick. Whoopeedoo.

  • CMpuck

    Reimer is allergic to third period leads, he finds ways to blow his best performances.

    The reviews are becoming annoying, that goal should have counted just like Boyes should have had two in Dallas. It’s becoming a gong show.

    • Harte of a Lion

      Puck I agree with you as there was just a slight push. Now watch that little punk Gallagher interfere with a goalie. Tonight he was freaking behind the goalie and I was surprised the refs ruled it no goal as after all this game was in the Montreal arena.

  • jimithy

    The CBC crew is ridiculous and too gay even for CBC. Strombo is not a good fit, I mean come on, he’s never played hockey. But the Leafs never play hockey either, so I guess they’re perfect for each other.

  • Gary Empey

    With every passing game I see a team get better and better, special teams have suddenly clicked, Dions stupid penalties are down. This team is about to break out, I swear they’re due for a six game win streak. Reimer looks steady and focused, I like watching this years team theyre playing good hockey just not enough pure offensive talent but it’s coming and I’m happy to wait a little longer for the kids to develop

  • Gary Empey

    A Hard earned 2 points against Detroit & Washington.
    I love watching Reimer battle.The Leafs looked not far off from turning this thing around last night.
    Great effort!
    If only Kadri could finish….he certainly had his chances to change the outcome of this game.

  • Gary Empey

    Holding Washington to two goals is something most teams can not do.

    I didn’t hear the CBC coverage. I picked up Washington’s. While they did mention OV trying to break Federov’s record they didn’t overdo it. For a while now I have been complaining about the BS broadcasters on Leaf games. It is always about the life and times of the other teams. Usually right over while the game is being played. If they wish to make a documentary then do so. Just not in the middle of the Leafs playing. If it continues at some point I am going to start complaining to whomever broadcast our games.

  • Gary Empey

    Great game last night, for this team to hold on to the end on a back to back was great to see. Reims I agree looks better with every game, and glad he was giving the night to play as it should be..
    And Reims again never doubted him, he has been looking so good over these past 4 games, I was so hoping for a win for him and the team they worked so hard last night,,,but without shots making the inside of the nets especially in a shoot-out makes it hard to win it…Reims did great at it again but was not to be….
    I hope Reims will get the net again as he deserves it right now and gets to keep it upon Bernier’s return…
    Morgan felt for him as do the team that he’s played hard and deserves a better outcome…but it will come to the whole unit if they continue in this way and last night shows they got it…

    Not to sure what happen to the 2+ goals the team was doing on a nightly basis with Reims in net..but something has to give and hopefully it will be on the win side…


    As for Winick, God’s Speed be back soon….will be missing your skills as a competer you are.

  • Gary Empey

    reimer doesn’t deserve this bs. he looks like optimus reim in the lockout season this year! the worse the team is, the better he gets. he’s our #1 starter. he’s severely outplayed bernier from preseason until now. i hope bernier stays out!

  • Gary Empey

    as usual, no one was covering backstrom… of course it will go in. it’s backstrom. the leafs love to let the opposing team’s top players stand near the net wide open smh. they never learn. ovi was wide open on that pp goal and backstrom was untouched when he tied the game. leafs love to lose in embarrassing fashion!

      • Gary Empey

        obviously since it said the net was empty. that doesn’t excuse the fact that no one was watching backstrom right beside reimer. the leafs constant problem dating back to the carlyle era is leaving players unattended and crowding to one side. they left a superstar all alone near the crease. there should always be someone back there.

        • Gary Empey

          Well who should of covered him? The guy covering Ovechkin, Williams…….Do you let one Washington player skate around with the puck while you cover all the rest of the players?