Leafs Postgame: Outclassed

I can’t even be mad about this loss because the Detroit Red Wings played such a classy, underrated game. Wait. Maybe I don’t know what underrated means… does it mean you got outplayed but still won? No? Oh, ok. Nevermind. 

Not classy. Not underrated.

The Rundown

As they have on more than a few occasions this season, the Leafs jumped out to a pretty strong start. In fact, they carried that momentum throughout the entire game. Toronto outshot Detroit 12-9 in the first, 8-3 in the second, and 13-9 in the third. 

It would be Henrik Zetterberg that would put Detroit on the board first, though. Crossing the Leafs blueline, Zetterberg half shot, half dumped the puck in on James Reimer, who promptly bobbled the puck and pretty much put it in his own net.

To make matters worse, the goalie at the other end of the ice wasn’t helping the Leafs’ efforts either. Petr Mrazek stood on his head tonight and was a minute and two seconds away from his first shutout of the season before Dion Phaneuf managed to squeak the puck by him.

Tied at ones, this game would head to three-on-three overtime. Losing the opening draw, Toronto wouldn’t ever really gain the opportunity to attack and would eventually give up the game-winning goal on a wideout play from Jakub… wait, Jakub Kindl? Haha, oh my. That’s embarassing.

Blue Warrior

No doubt it’s Nazem Kadri, who lead Leafs forwards with 20:04 in ice time and five shots on net. Even more impressive, Kadri drew three (three!) penalties all by himself tonight. 

Saturday Night’s Alright

Toronto is back at it again tomorrow night when they travel to Washington to take on Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals. Could it be Antoine Bibeau’s first career NHL start? Probably not, but it would be kinda cool!

    • not_SorjeBalming

      scratch froese, spaling and polak and put holland, arcobello and corrado into the lineup if they want to win but they don’t want to win so that’s why we’re playing worse guys. babs is team tank too 🙂

  • Gary Empey

    These meaningless points the leafs are gaining in a season in which the goal is to finish as low as possible could come back to haunt them as other teams will flush their season down the toilet to get a top draft pick. Nobody cares if you lose 10 in a row in fact in a favourite watering hole I visit the numerous t.v. screens had the Argos and hung over Raptors on the screen. Noooooo leaf action.

    • TGT23

      The Raps are fun to watch because they are winning. No surprise a bunch of front runners want to watch them. People, not saying you (not not saying you, either), don’t have the stomach for a rebuild.

      The Raps are in that part after the rebuild where they are good. The Leafs are at the start.

      It’s just like the Jays, another team you only began mentioning when they started winning, and how popular they became when they got good.

      People love to jump on bandwagons and pretend they’ve always been there.

      This season is a wash, that is true. But if you aren’t watching you’re missing some very encouraging things.

      Kadri is developing into a very good two-way C. Winning some face offs, a ton of scoring chances, flying around on the ice, decent defensively. He and JVR are great on a line together. Reilly continues to develop into a franchise D. Gardiner has been pretty solid and I’ve noticed far less bone headed mistakes. And so on.

      Not to mention the team is playing compete time hockey in a good system that keeps them in games. That’s pretty fun.

  • Gary Empey

    Definitely a lot less frustrating to watch the team this year; a system is in place, defensive structure is present. We all knew this was coming as coaching and management did not sugar coat as in the past, that is what makes it easier to watch.
    One positive is Kadri’s game has grown so much since last year, just having no luck on offence.

  • Gary Empey

    People are talking about James Reimer letting in a bad goal. I’d say it’s unlucky, just like the goal Mrazek let in, off the top of his stick.

    If the Leafs could score, they would have won this. Hope it doesn’t get hung around Reimer.

  • not_SorjeBalming

    What the Hell is Gards doing on the last play?? he is just a walking brain fart if you ask me. I know he has all the Analytic stats pointing to him being a good player…but come on…have you watched him play defence?

    He is SOOOO indecisive when he plays defence that you really should just pay attention to him when the play is going on to see he has ZERO clue as to where to be on the ice or what to do in most situations.

    Get what you can for him Lou…please…

  • Javid

    that jvr defence strikes again. that ot loss is solely on him. never seen such disinterest in winning by someone until i saw that complete lack of defence. he had the chance to stop him and did nothing. even kindl was shocked. bozak failed in stripping him of the puck and jvr did nothing but let him coast into the crease smh. awful. poor jake had to handle a 2 on 1 by himself. i would hate being on 3 on 3 with those 2 guys…