Look at this Stupid Piece of Crap Ring

Hey hockey fans, with Christmas just around the corner it looks like your good pals at Real Sporps have the perfect thing to get all the Leafs fans on your list…

You remember Jostens as your high school yearbook company where you proudly look back on all those people who wanted you to “Have a Bitchin’ Summer”, and I’m sure many of you also remember thinking it would be a great idea to shell out a couple of hundred dollars in your senior year so you could have a class ring.

Remember that f$#&ing idiot who was still wearing his high school class ring when he showed up for the first day of University? Well this shitty Leafs ring would easily make you that fart bag on steroids. 

Let’s ignore the hilarity of the fact that the Leafs fans will get rings 50 years before their players do.

Let’s ignore the fact that it looks incredibly stupid.

Let’s ignore the fact that we all have at least one regrettable piece of Leafs merchandise in our homes.

This is the item that truly defines you as someone who to cares too damn much about a very bad hockey team. 

On one hand you have your wedding ring showing your commitment to your partner, and on the other hand you’ve got a reminder that you’re a dipshit with poor impulse control who will buy any piece of shit with a Maple Leafs logo slapped on it. 

Don’t be that guy. Be better.

  • Gary Empey

    That ring selling for $299. looks more like a cheap Knuckle Duster.

    I think the ring should be more “Avant-Garde” to show the non-conformist lifestyles Leaf fans adopt.

  • Gary Empey

    Come on Jon don’t sit on the fence, tell us what you really think about these rings. Wow you punch harder than Domi in his prime. But you are indeed right as caring relatives have given me a collection of merchandise collecting dust in the basement. After entering university in 1967, and having watched the leafs win 4 stanely cups in the 1960’s all I want is one more freaking #^%@(*@_!%$^ bleep Stanley cup ring.

    • Gary Empey

      Re- collection of merchandise collecting dust in the basement. At least you had the good sense not to get rid of it.

      What do you have down there? There may be some interesting/priceless goodies.

      Steve Dangle could do a video like “Geraldo’s -Al Capone Vault Grand Opening”

      • Gary Empey

        Gary I like your idea of the Geraldo video. I’ve got a collection of leaf books in the library. Lots of small souvenirs and a classic old table game with the leaf players v.s. the habs. My most prized possession is a Jean Beliveau autographed hockey stick that I got from him in 1959.

        • Gary Empey

          That table sounds unusual. There can not be very many of them still in existence. If someone could shoot the video I wonder if Seer could edit it as he does a really nice job putting videos together.

          The tittle could be What’s 49 Years.

          • Gary Empey

            I’ve got an 80s Coleco table hockey game, Leafs vs Habs, but it doesn’t really work anymore and is missing numerous bits, but I can’t get rid of such a great piece of my childhood 🙁

  • Gary Empey

    the final insult by mlse and the leafs… not only are those hideous but disrespectful. i can’t even wear leafs gear outside of my house without being chipped and given pity looks… why would i wear leafs rings when this organization hasn’t won anything in 50 years? the leafs steal enough of our money and self-respect. no thanks!

    • Gary Empey

      Speaking of leaf gear. I was going to greet the trick or treaters wearing my autographed killer Gilmour sweater. But my wife talked me out of it as she figured the leaf sweater would scare the kids.