Bozak potentially out for tomorrow’s game, Bernier day-to-day, Van Riemsdyk gets day off

The Toronto Maple Leafs were short a few bodies at practice today, as Tyler Bozak, James van Riemsdyk, and Jonathan Bernier were nowhere to be seen. A statement like that might make you think trade or catastrophe, but in reality, the trio is unlikely to add up to much time missed.

  • Tyler Bozak missed practice for personal reasons. More specifically, his girlfriend is expecting a child. Depending on how things unfold, there’s a chance that Bozak will miss Wednesday’s game against the Winnipeg Jets. 
  • James van Riemsdyk’s absence was for maintenance reasons. There wasn’t an isolated incident last night that would appear to be cause for alarm on the injury front, and Babcock stressed that he’ll be ready to go tomorrow, so I wouldn’t worry about this a ton.
  • Jonathan Bernier has been confirmed to be injured. The actual injury is undisclosed, but he’s out day-to-day. In the meantime, Antoine Bibeau has been called up to the Leafs, and to continue the chain, Rob Madore has been called up to the Marlies.

Toronto’s next game is against the Winnipeg Jets, tomorrow evening at the Air Canada Centre.

    • Gary Empey

      Grow up and quit making fun of a serious illness.

      Bruins rookie Phil Kessel was shocked when he learned he had testicular cancer. He underwent the operation to remove his right testicle, which confirmed he had embryonal testicular cancer. Removing one or two of your nackers causes weight gain.
      Surgery to remove your testicle is the primary treatment for nearly all stages and types of testicular cancer.

      • Gary Empey

        I don’t think this is true.
        Weight gain can be a side effect of losing testosterone, following the removal of both “nackers” but Phil only had one removed, correct? If so, his other one would have produced more.

        Not that I’m defending the childish shot against him. That was uncalled for.

        Just clarifying an unintended mistake. I could be mistaken too; I’m no doctor. Someone please correct me if so. Most sites I looked at seem to confirm what I’ve written though.

        • Gary Empey

          Losing one nacker definately lower one’s testosterone level. It is done to treat other conditions such as prostate cancer, breast cancer.

          Let’s leave it at that as I can’t imagine Phil, or any of us, would like their medical history a topic of a hockey forum.

  • Gary Empey

    ugh i really had slim hopes that bozak was traded 🙁 anaheim’s gm was in attendance yesterday and he’s not very smart so there’s always a chance.

    • Gary Empey

      Ducks have only scored 14 goals this year. Toronto has 24. It is really hard to see how a trade could happen. If you trade Bozak who would be your second line center?

      • Harte of a Lion

        Gary, Holland steps in and either sinks or swims. Arcobello is on fire with the Marlies. And has scored their last 3 goals. Perhaps his demotion was just what he needed to get him going.

  • Gary Empey

    You may be expecting too much to have two bubble guys step up and play 2nd and 3rd line center. Naturally it would depend on what the offer for Bozak was. Looks like the Leafs want to keep Nylander on the Marlies at least to the trade deadline if we have an opening then.

    • Gary Empey

      what has bozak accomplished so far? 4 points in 8 games. horrawful possession… all he does is win face offs. that’s what spaling and froese are here for… bozak isn’t even a 2c and can’t drive play at all while arcobello can so there’s really no difference. i forget he’s still on the team most nights. i’d rather have holland/arcobello fight for that spot. can’t get much worse.