TLN Player Power Rankings: Halloween Edition

Okay, there will be several points this season where it will be next to impossible to say positive things about the Leafs and say nice things about some of them. I’m gonna say a week that saw three losses, gave them a total of six losses in a row, and caused them to finish the month 1-7-2 is a worthwhile first time to say, “no, no way in hell, it can’t be done, I’m sitting this week out.”

Thankfully my breaking point coincided with Halloween, so we’ve been #blessed with a number of great social media pictures of the Leafs out enjoying life while they bravely soldier on to the top of the draft lottery standings. 

This week I give you the Leafs Halloween Costume Power Rankings

1. Dion Phaneuf

I think it’s safe to say that Dion took advantage of his wife’s connections to track down a pretty solid makeup artist to pull this off. While it doesn’t match the hilarity of FrankenPhaneuf it is without question the top Leafs halloween costume. 

Happy Halloween.

A photo posted by Dion Phaneuf (@dion_phaneuf3) on

2. Tyler Bozak

Pictured with Phaneuf above is our surprise runner-up. Amazingly Bozak has learned to limit black makeup to one eye, part of his nose and mouth which shows not only that he’s improving as a cosplayer, but improving as a human being. I chose to believe that only half his face is done because he feels like only half a person without Phil there beside him.

3. James Reimer

The first of our couples costumes to make an appearance, The Reimer’s continue to be an absolutely adorable couple. This costume is a success on all levels because it meets the important criteria of making me nostalgic for one of my favourite tv shows, and James’ hair makes me nostalgic for

Mike Craig.

4. Jonathan Bernier

I figure Bernier deserves the four spot because it answers a question that’s been lingering for me. “While Jonathan Bernier continue being handsome as he ages?” The answer is yes, but his hair game will continue to upset me.

Halloween ?

A photo posted by Jonathan Bernier (@jobernier45) on

5. Brad Boyes

Brad Boyes gets credit for having a very good costume, a partner with an equally strong costume, but he leaps ahead of the rest of the Leafs by having creepy doll faces in the background of this shot.

6. Daniel Winnik

As someone who has gone as a storm trooper in the past and dressed my daughter up as an Ewok this year, I admit to a bias towards Star Wars costumes. Boba Fett is also awesome and that needs to be considered, but really the reason Winnik is ranked higher than others is because of Winnik’s storm trooper wife showcasing Boba’s junk.

7. Leo Komarov

With one year left on Komarov’s contract we are down to one year left for him to step up and dress up as Uncle Leo. That didn’t happen this year, but his red riding hood wolf cosutme is solid and definitely suits him.

trick or treat

A photo posted by Leo Komarov (@komarovleo47) on

8. Nazem Kadri

He’s dressed as an Oriole, that’s good enough for last spot. Halloween colours be damned. Going with Cal Ripken Jr’s number makes it even worse, as he was one off from Brady Anderson and chance to wear awesome sideburns.

Honourable Mentions

Marlies goaltender Antoine Bibeau gets points for the pun on his name…

Does this ghoul from @screemers look familiar? #MarliesLive #Marlies #AHL #screemers #halloween

A photo posted by Toronto Marlies (@torontomarlies) on

And of course, there’s Phil. Phil’s costume on his own is fantastic, because he looks exactly like everyone’s Dad in the 80s. 

First Pitt Halloween

A photo posted by Phil Kessel (@phil_kessel_81_) on

but, he also deserves extra credit for owning Steve Simmons…

This hotdog is about as real as your story ?? Steve Simmons ? #TorontoSun ? #happyhalloween #bestcostume #flashback

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