LFR9 – Game 10 – Phillip’s Return – Pit 4, Tor 0

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Ranting about what it’s like to watch this team, why booing Kessel doesn’t make sense to me, and how the Leafs might have just awoken a monster in Pittsburgh.


  • Kanuunankuula

    CM, how’s that ignoring corsi working for the Avs, the Flames and to a degree Ducks?

    Carlyle was good, how many times do we go though this, no he’s not, he never was, lucked his way into a all-star team with who won the ring for him. No evidence to the contrary.

    • CMpuck

      Put Carlyle’s winning percentage up again all other cap era Leaf coaches.

      As for his luck, Anaheim has been stacked for years and not won. By that logic a coach’s cup win doesn’t count unless he coached scrubs to a championship.

      If this was Randy’s team with 1 win, you’d be patting yourself on the back for being a genius.

      But I get it, parroting PPP, TLN and Dangle podcasts = critical thinking these days.

    • jasken

      No evidence are you sure lets looks at facts 10 wins 35 losses and 7 ties since his firing. Dropping goals for from 3.2 to 1.6, increasing goals against from 3 to 3.3 almost a half a goal a game. Thats just the start of it you think Carlyle was a bad coach what evidence do you have corsi really? He used his players the best way that gave them a chance to score and win you know used their strengths.

      By looking at evidence that really matters shots dont matter if your not scoring with them. Puck possession has no meaning if you aren’t winning any games losing 35 of 52 games if this was Carlyle you would say see we told you. But because its Corsi favored coaches its to small of sample size and you look for some sort of justification lack of offensive talent cause I am going to buy that.

      A 40 goal scorer 3 30 goal scorers and 5 20 goal scorers and I am to believe they lack offensive talent. I guess its whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • Kanuunankuula

    Like talking to a wall, but with worse responses.

    Parroting evidence, aka listening to proven data, yeah I guess I do that. You should also leave out Horachek’s numbers from those. But yeah, let’s ignore that Babcock’s winning % is higher than Carlyle’s.

    If Randy’s such a great coach, how come his not hired? Even Torts got a job before he does.

    Your scoring data also pretty flawed. Bozak and JVR boosted by Kessel, Boyes played on better teams and was younger, same with PAP, Grabner had one good season. You can’t really compare to us to any team in the league in terms of raw (offensive-)talent. It’s just not there. But whatever you wanna say to make your ridiculous argument.