VIDEO: Leafs fans boo Kessel’s first touch of the puck in Toronto return

(Courtesy: Hockey Night in Canada)

The Toronto Maple Leafs were desperate enough to deal star winger Phil Kessel this summer that they agreed to retain salary to facilitate the deal. And it would seem that at least a smattering of the Toronto faithful were cool with that decision.

On Saturday night the Maple Leafs hosted Phil Kessel’s Pittsburgh Penguins at the Air Canada Centre, and Kessel was treated to a strong-ish smattering of boos when he first touched the puck, briefly, on his very first shift. You can hear the boos and watch the highlight in the vine embedded above.

Though Kessel is the best Maple Leafs winger in recent memory, the team has elected not to pay tribute to the American-born winger, who for all of his supposed faults was always worth the price of admission when he wore the blue and white sweater.

  • As Shanahan has rightfully pointed out the leafs are committed to getting players who are committed to a 200 foot game. Kessel was only commmitted to offence and to hell with his teammates in helping out on defence. Thus he was rightfully moved out of the big smoke.

  • jaysly

    Very disappointed that there was not a tribute for Phil. He was one of the best wingers this organization has ever had. Never missed a game and put points on the board. The fans booing him was even worse. Players come and go but have a little decency and respect for what he brought to the rink game in and game out.