Sam Carrick, Tyler Bertuzzi suspended by AHL for last night’s altercation


The American Hockey League was quick to initiate punishment for last night’s late-third period incident at Ricoh Coliseum, suspending Tyler Bertuzzi of the Grand Rapids Griffins and Sam Carrick of the Toronto Marlies.

Bertuzzi’s suspension comes after receiving a roughing minor and a match penalty for his altercation with Marlies winger Kasperi Kapanen. As I detailed (with footage) in an article this morning. Bertuzzi threw multiple gloved punches at Kapanen before slew footing him and throwing him to the ground.

Carrick’s suspension comes as a result of his abuse of an official penalty that he received during the same stoppage in play. Carrick was one of two players who were trying to come to Kapanen’s defence only to be restrained by linesmen. Unlike Nikita Soshnikov, who complied with his linesman’s actions, Carrick tried to break free multiple times and had more than a few choice words for his official. 

It’s not known at this moment whether Carrick’s abuse was considered physical, verbal, or both. Through nine games this season, Carrick has a goal, an assist, and 28 penalty minutes.

Neither suspension has a determined length though the present decision keeps the two from playing as the league makes its final ruling. The Griffins aren’t due to play until November 6th, but Toronto’s next game is tomorrow afternoon against the Albany Devils, which Carrick will now presumably miss.

UPDATE: The league has made their decisions. Carrick will receive a three-game suspension, including tomorrow’s game against Albany Devils. Bertuzzi will receive two games for his slewfoot. Carrick is next available to play on November 7th, against the Binghamton Senators.

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  • Gary Empey

    What Tyler Bertuzzi did is called bullying plain and simple. Bertuzzi has played 7 games this year and scored no goals. He did manage to get one assist though.

    If he wants to punch people in the face then he is in the wrong sport.

    Does every player agree to be punched-out by a goon so they can play hockey ?

    • Harte of a Lion

      Blame the linesman who was holding Carrick. Had he not interfered, Bertuzzi would have stepped away from Kapanen and engaged Carrick. Also, the ref should have stepped in and separated Bertuzzi/Kapanen rather than waving his whistle at Bertuzzi

  • PalHal

    The league has suspended Bertuzzi for 2 games.
    If the league had really wanted to punish Bertuzzi and his team that should not have suspended him but made him play 20 minutes a game for 5 games.
    That way the club would have been hurt in the standings.
    Kapanen or anyone has the right not to fight. Next time the Marlies play the Griffins, the Marlies should not engage Bertuzzi. Instead the Marlies should engage the Griffins non fighters. See how the 90% of the Griffins respond to that.
    Bertuzzi would never have been drafted except he has a hockey name which might relate to potential. I’m sure his name will be pro hockey for a number of years, mostly the ECHL.
    He has had his 15 minutes of fame.