LFR9 – Game 9 – Upon Bad Review – Tor 1, NYR 3

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 12.58.37 PM

Zuc scores, Lundqvist complains, and the Leafs may never win again.


    • m3sh

      Long suffering? Are you kidding me? You’ve had a dynasty of 5 cups since 67 and the greatest player to ever play the game, you are not in our league. We can go 25 yrs without a cup standing no our heads. You have not yet begun to suffer, and you will win a cup long before we do, if we ever do.

      • Since anyone under 25 wasn’t alive for that dynasty and anyone under 30 isn’t old enough to remember the dynasty (or Gretzky as an Oiler), don’t think it matters too much. Both teams have been consistently awful for almost a decade, and for hockey fans under 30, that’s all that really matters.