Is the Leafs rebuild pain more than you can handle?


  • Gary Empey

    Yes it is difficult to maintain fanatic Leaf fan
    Even if the Leafs are in a progressive development
    phase-it is difficult to even care about what’s going on.
    I thought at least P.Holland would get a chance to excel…..there are no rookies on the Leafs this year that are interesting.

    I think the combination of the Leafs inability to win and blackouts of games (which I now have become thankful for the mercy of this policy)

    I think for the moment anyway the Leafs have lost fans.

    I wish I could see the Marlies games-this now hold more interest to me now.

  • Gary Empey

    Pengellyink does some great cartoons. We really do need to laugh at ourselves some days, and he delivers.

    I just ran the 2016 NHL Draft Lottery Simulator. Toronto started in fourth and ended up in sixth after the spin.

  • Gary Empey

    I think to a significant number of leaf fans, the last year club and this year team has become one big YAWN. Now the Jays and Raptors well there is excitement, winning, entertainment and improvement of product. Just saying.