Toronto Maple Leafs Post-Game: Welcome To Your Domi Years

The Toronto Maple Leafs managed to lose another game, this time the Arizona Coyotes. 

Those guys were supposed to be bad, right? 



The Rundown

The Leafs came very, very close to winning this one. Like… within a few seconds of winning this one, game-seven style. 

Unfortunately. the Arizona Coyotes are this year’s Calgary Flames, Max Domi is unREAL, and it’s hard to outshoot your opponents and still win when the score becomes 2-1 before the opposition has even taken their ninth shot on net. Toronto stormed back, just not fast enough. 

At this point, I’m sounding like a broken record. “The possession stats looked good for Toronto and they put in a ton of effort!” only sounds nice when you also get to occasionally accompany it with “that effort won them a game!”. 

Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen too soon. Arizona played the entire game without Antoine Vermette and lost perenially-injured centre Martin Hanzal halfway through the game; if Toronto can’t beat Arizona without their questionable top two centres, it’s going to be a fairly long year.

Also, the veterans keep making me want to pull my hair out. 

Overall, this was a nice effort from the majority of Toronto, and I’m just sorry that I have to keep saying that. All I have to offer is this: trust me. Coming straight to you from Phoenix, Arizona, I promise it gets better. The pieces from tonight’s roster that Toronto should keep moving forward were almost all blue liners, and those are the guys who will benefit most from a year of Corsi losing. 


chart (1)

Hey, look! Toronto out-possessed the opponent and lost. This is the ghost of Randy Carlyle coming back to haunt this team, I’m telling you. 

Blue Warrior

Am I trolling the world right now? Sure. 

Do I care? Hell no. 

Tie Domi dominated the broadcast here in Arizona, and his son looked incredible. Plus, Max Domi is a blue warrior in the sense that he’s either showing Toronto fans what they’ve got to look forward to when Nylander, Brown, Kapanen, and Marner hit the NHL… or he’s giving them more fodder to show how stupid people get when they’re desperate to be happy again. 

Ranger Up

With a loss to the Coyotes now behind them, Toronto can focus on facing the team that gave up one of their best prospects to Arizona – the New York Rangers. 

They’ve got this asshole named Chris Kreider who likes to toe the line when it comes to playing around goalies, they’ve got some speedy guy named Rick Nash, and they’ve got Montreal’s worst given up asset, captain Ryan McDonagh. Oh, and some guy named Henrik Lundqvist, who is Jesus Himself in my eyes and overrated to probably 3/4 of you reading this. 


That should be an interesting game, because New York is still hard to figure out and could actually drop a game to Toronto if the Leafs play their cards right. Time to put this one behind us, and look ahead to hopefully brighter days. 

  • Gary Empey

    Is Reimer is working himself down to the ECHL for a conditioning stint ?

    Kadri plays a great game but still his achilles heel continues to hold him back from being a first line center. Winning only 33% of the faceoffs. I know most of us would like to ignore this aspect of his game. Coaches can’t. Holland and Arcobello both the same 33%. Froese just up from the Marlies won 65%.

  • TGT23

    Oh Please Lets all bury Reims again and throw him under the bus….didn’t see that happening with Bernier’s lost on Saturday or all his losses since Hockey season started from Pre season to now….

    Bernie is the one who is not living up to all the hype that came with him since day one when he came here….if you really want to be-little anyone it is him…..It is Bernier that has let this team down, it is all the media and the hype that betrayed him for more than he really is…kinda funny that since he had left the Kings he hasn’t really done much of anything has he? I know I will have you all breathing down my neck and saying nice things to me,, but I have claimed from day 1 Bernier is nothing and has done nothing so far out there that he deserves anything more than warming the back-up seat and not what he has been giving here which is more time to get his game back..well his game seems to be lost for a long time now,

    As for James…He’s improved a lot and I believe in his ability…..I never said Bernier can’t play he has had his moments but in LL Fairness he has not shown starter material for awhile now and 1 good game doesn’t a starter make….if you want to be frustrated with someone than its him for not being able to steel the show once and for all and really run with it…..$4.3 is a lot of money for a player who hasn’t performed enough to earn that pay cheque and that’s a fact…not a stat,…..

    • FlareKnight

      Well I say good luck in throwing your support behind Reimer. A nice guy, so certainly not a bad thing to have some fans.

      Personally I don’t see either of these guys being the guy to carry us where we want to go long term. Bernier has had flashes of brilliance, but not that often as of late.

      Reimer…he had some great moments when he was the #1 guy. Lately? Not so much. I don’t think he’s improved a lot, regressed would be more accurate. It’s fine if you believe in his ability, but that’s just a belief. He hasn’t shown that ability for a long time. Rather his weaknesses have become more obvious over time. His glove isn’t the worst out there, but it isn’t much of a strength. He often loses sight of the puck and his rebounds aren’t great.

      I’m all for likability, but a line has to be drawn when it comes to ability. Bernier and Reimer aren’t getting the job done and finding a real #1 who is good enough to carry the team when they turn the corner will be key.

    • TGT23

      You’ve made it abundantly clear that you do not believe Bernier is a starting goalie. You remind us every game, regardless of who starts the game… No matter the score. Funny, you recently got very upset with me for doing something similar… Hm…

      Answer this question:

      You say Bernier deserves nothing more than “warming the back-up seat”. Considering their numbers compared against eachother over the last two seasons, how, with inferior numbers, has James Reimer earned more starts than Jonathan Bernier?

      Jonathan Bernier has better numbers. Ergo he has played better. But, you keep saying he doesn’t deserve to start. If HE doesn’t deserve to start, how does the less talented guy with worse numbers deserve to start?

      Forget the hype. Forget their contracts. Forget all your bogus narratives. None of those matter in reality. Answer how, with Bernier’s higher Save Percentage and better GAA, you think Reimer has played better.

      You duck these questions everytime they are brought up. You know you have no answer so you pretend the question never gets asked. So, I won’t expect you to have any kind of real, logical, proof based or even reasonable response. Probably more nonsense and narratives.

      • TGT23

        Simply put Bernier is all hype nothing more…all his stats and numbers are not as big as all the hype, it’s his 3rd season and he still is no big deal…..what do u want me to say???? it’s been said he’s better than he is showing and that he needs to step up….if he is so great etc….where is it??? can’t blame the team anymore they are a lot better now than the last 2 seasons…..

        Who played better this preseason again not Bernier, oh yes pre=season doesn’t matter… who had the better starts/endings this pre and regular season not Bernier……Reims is at his best sadly when he is able to play a lot, which isn’t going to happen now or before…so again for sitting while Bernier gets the starts to give him the chance to come back, leaves Reims in the cold…..leaves him having to battle back…and he didn’t have a great game, but he’s had worst….

        Those are facts…..Bernier is not this great outstanding Goalie that is all that……he’s had amble time to come back and step up to the #1 starter role….if he’s so much better and classier where is this in his game?????

        James will be gone soon enough and I look forward to it….Love to see him on a team that comes back and plays your so call hero and clean his clock once and for all….

        • TGT23

          You do realise why have still sidestepped the main question. Given the numbers over the last two years why does Reimer deserve to start ahead of Bernier?
          No long winded answers about how Bernier hasn’t lived up to expectations please.

        • Gary Empey

          Expect Reimer to be waived shortly and left unclaimed. Expected Bernier to take his place on the bench, just as soon as the Leafs can find an NHL caliber goalie.

          • Gary Empey

            Gary as usual you Bautistazized the puck out of the ball park. Bang on, I’m not sure what these two will have to argue about when neither of these mediocre goalies is with the team. This will happen sooner than later.

        • TGT23

          You did it again.

          Instead of facts you gave long winded narratives supported only by bias.

          You can’t even answer the question.

          All you’ve said is Bernier hasn’t lived up to the hype and that having better numbers for two straight seasons doesn’t matter because Reimer won the pre-season… and then more talk about hype.

          You are absolutely ridiculous.

          If Bernier hasn’t lived up to expectations with his decent numbers how has Reimer lived up to your expectations with below league average numbers?

  • V

    I’m a little upset with our $50 million dollar man storming off the podium like that as the lads gave it a solid effort with a thrilling come back. Reimer similar to Bernier the other night was a little unlucky.

    Leafs have had the refs against them and are getting a lot of tough breaks.

    I’m tired of Hab trolls suggesting that Montreal will have more victories in October than the leafs will all season.

    Where is everybody. The staff here works bloody hard to write their stories and nobody is commenting on their fine work. What gives????

    • Gary Empey

      I didn’t see Babcock storm off the podium. After reading your comment I tried to find it. Leafs web site kept restarting the interview on me.

      I didn’t think Reimer played very well. Gave up too many rebounds. Out of position too often. It may be a while before you see him back in net.

      The refs always seem to call a lot of borderline calls against the Leafs.

      Habs fans from southern Ontario never did have any couth. They are always the first ones to jump off the band wagon to climb up on another one. You will often see them sitting alone at Tim Horton’s reading the sports pages. They are the one’s with their lips moving and their finger on the word they are reading. One should not expect them to understand the Poetic License Thomas Drance used when he mentioned “Sabotaged” in his headline for the story. Hell they likely don’t even know sabotaged is a french word.

      You are right a lot of us forget to mention just how much we enjoy the writers here on our site.

  • FlareKnight

    The possession stats don’t mean much in this game. Most of the Toronto domination came when they were chasing the game. We should be more concerned about what was happening before they fell behind. Essentially the penalty kill was hot garbage for the second game running and Reimer didn’t cover himself in glory, particularly with the third goal. Have to say that the netminding situation is becoming increasingly depressing. Bernier is not living up to his billing after a red hot start when he first joined the club and Reimer looks to me like a guy whose confidence has been so undermined that he just isn’t looking like the player he was when he first made the team. Steve Briere is going to have his work cut out sorting out this mess.

  • jasken

    What this game showed was that I want some of whatever Reimer took because I swear he was seeing things. The Leafs obviously need a center who can put the puck in the net cause despite looking good and all Kadri just seems to have issues doing it. When is Bozak coming back atleast he knows how to score when he decides to shoot the puck.

    I am like Babcock wondering where was the team the first period and half hungover from the night before or something cause they sure didn’t look to interested in playing the first period or so.