Monday Mailbag: Yaaaaawn


In an attempt to put myself into prime game shape to write on all of the sites on this network (okay, mostly here and Canucks Army), I’ve altered my sleeping schedule over the past few months. I go to bed really late, and sleep in until the sun burns my hair. It works out pretty well.

With that said, I have a place to be tonight, and had lots of stuff to take care of first. So I got up at 8 AM; a normal person’s time.

I want to die. Somebody buy me a case of energy drinks, please.

@matthew_gooding asked: Is Justin Holl the next Byron Froese for the Marlies?

Holl has certainly been off to a good start with the Marlies, picking up three points in his first seven games. His career path is very similar to Froese’s as well; drafted by the Blackhawks, not retained, and working his way up from the ECHL. If Sheldon Keefe plans to keep an extra defenceman, I could see him sticking before James Martin, but I don’t think he’s going to be an anchor player in the way that Froese was.

Then again, few expected Froese to have the success that he did; even his supporters started at cautious optimism. 

@CoachFrank18 asked: I was happy to see Froese get called up, who would be next in the pecking order for the forwards and defence?

Something that worked to Froese’s benefit was the fact that he had previously cleared waivers, which allows him ten games or thirty days to be sent down without requiring them again. For this reason, it wouldn’t be surprising to see another player who fits that description be the next call up. Richard Panik seems like a likely bet on the wing, while TJ Brennan can easily be that on the point. 

@ahurst11 asked: What is Sheldon Keefe’s rotation plan for the Marlies? Is it temporary to see who he likes, or is William Nylander really going to sit every few games?

I can’t say for sure (I’ll follow up on this one with Keefe when I get a chance), but I’d suspect that we’ll start seeing a few guys head down to Orlando once the big road trip is over. That will be in about three weeks; having the versatility to give guys a breather is big when you’re spending eighteen days away from home.

@SebIsAFG asked: Alex Nylander is ripping it up with the Steelheads. Is he a high-end prospect?

While he’s not rated as high as his brother, Alex has shown some moments of serious skill to start the season with Mississauga. He’s projected to be a mid to high first round pick, with potential to climb up the rankings. I’m a bit concerned that that his name will lead to some ranking inflation, especially with his dad coaching him and his brother down the street, but he legitimately deserves to be in the top fifteen.

@Milo_U_Vesic asked: Should I be scared for the Leafs playing against Max Domi tonight?

Don’t be scared for what Max will do on the ice. Be scared for what the reporters will do with the plotline.