Report: Canadiens COO Kevin Gilmore Being Considered for MLSE President Gig

You can always count on the Toronto Maple Leafs to be involved in Saturday Headlines in some capacity. Tonight, it had nothing to do with the on-ice product, and everything to do with its parent company MLSE.

According to Elliotte Friedman, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment may have found its new boss…

As MLSE continues to work on hiring a new president, one of the names that has been talked about is COO of the Montreal Canadiens – Kevin Gilmore.

The President’s position will be vacant soon enough when current President Tim Leiweke moves on to tackle his next project. (TFC made the playoffs, so his work here is done.)

Gilmore is an interesting dude, having broke into hockey in a rather unusual way – he was an executive at Disney when the company founded the Might Ducks of Anaheim. Having also worked for Anschutz Entertainment Group (or AEG, which coincidentally was run by Leiweke before he came to MLSE), Gilmore also worked with the NBA and was responsible for building basketball arenas in Shanghai and Beijing ahead of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Again, this has little to do with the on-ice product of the Toronto Maple Leafs – that said, Gilmore has found success in many different sports business ventures and certainly seems like a good candidate.

Even if he is a Habs fan.