TLN’s Favourite Leafs Haircuts

We’ve ranked our top forwards, defensemen, goaltenders, and hockey minds last month, but now it’s time to move on to what really defines the sport. The hair. The Leafs have been host to some truly wonderful haircuts over the past 99 years, but based on the list below you might assume the team started in the 70s. Unfortunately prior to 1965 all men were required to have the same hair cut so many eras are going unrepresented. Thankfully the 80s more than made up for that. 

10. Barry Melrose

Barry’s haircut as a Leaf wasn’t anything particularly crazy and that’s why it lands fairly low on this list. It is however a nice glimpse into what was yet to come and Barry didn’t disappoint. The fact that he’s consistently rocked the same crappy haircut for over two decades is a Cal Ripken like streak worthy of note.

9. Tyler Bozak

When looking at the list of awful things that Tyler Bozak has done while being a Leaf, growing his hair out certainly doesn’t fall on that list. In fact, if he was slightly more talented and could get through Halloween without painting his face his hair might have been considered charming.

8. Jonathan Bernier

It’s difficult to describe Bernier’s haircut without comparing it to Germany’s questionable children’s group of the 1930s. I could probably outright say the name of the group and Bernier would assume it’s Peewee hockey team anyway.

7. Darryl Sittler

Darryl Sittler’s hair represents almost ever Leafs hair of the 1970s, but what amazes me out Sittler’s hair compared to the rest of his teammates is the shear volume of it. He’s got a poodle living on his head.

6. William Nylander

I might have been joking around about the other players, but Nylander’s hair is straight up pretty. I want to brush it.

5. Wendel Clark

Clark’s mullet was never as iconic as his mustache, but together they formed a lethal package. Clark’s teammates, such as Todd Gill, are also guilty of having a party in the back, but the stache puts Clark at the front of the pack.

4. Al Iafrate

Sure the skullet didn’t truly take on a life of its own until Iafrate was in Washington, but Torontonians can say they were there for the birth of the skullet. If Iafrate didn’t have Leeman induced stress it’s entirely possible he could have a full head of hair today.

3. Roger Nielson

I wasn’t sure whether I should include coaches, but it’s hard not to when Roger Nielson is involved.

2. Bryan McCabe

This picture still makes me laugh. Every time.

1. Mike Craig

The perm to end all perms. For one brief moment it seemed like the Leafs had Ian Ziering on their right wing.