Leafs Postgame: Senators Down Leafs in Shootout

I can’t imagine Mike Babcock envisioned losing his first three games behind the Leafs’ bench, but this is likely what he meant by “there will be pain”. Despite seeing Toronto’s offence come on for the first time this season, a four-goal outburst wouldn’t be enough to get by the Ottawa Senators, losing 5-4 in the shootout.

The Rundown

The real fireworks wouldn’t start until the second period, with the Senators jumping out to a quick three-goal lead in the first five minutes of the frame courtesy of Kyle Turris, Alex Chiasson and Milan Michalek. 

Now, if this were past seasons, the Leafs would continue to sputter and lose the game by a score of 7-1 or something gross like that. But no – this is a new Toronto team, with a new coach and a new work ethic and a new never say die attitude.

Well… that, or the Senators aren’t all that good either.

Tied up 3-3 almost half-way through the third period, I had to ask myself… Would it be more embarrassing for the Leafs to start the season with a three-game losing streak, or would it be more embarrassing for the Senators and to lose to the Leafs? Close call, but I’m leaning towards the latter. That’s probably why Ottawa made a strong push to regain their lead on a goal from Mark Stone. 

Not to let the Senators off easily, the Leafs again would tie things up and force overtime. Enter Winnik.

Following a very excellent 3-on-3 overtime period – and an extended stretch where the Leafs were unable to convert on a 4-on-3 powerplay – the game would head to the shootout. P.A. Parenteau would put the Leafs ahead by a goal, but two misses by Tyler Bozak and Joffrey Lupul and two goals by Bobby Ryana nd Mike Hoffman would give the Senators the win.

Blue Warrior

We’re going to go with Dion Phaneuf tonight, who assisted on both Bozak’s and Peter Holland’s goals and lead the team with 24:22 in ice time. It was a very strong game for the oft-criticized captain, so enjoy the Blue Warriot mantle while you can, Dion. 

Take The Week Off

It’s an unusually long stretch between tonight’s loss and the Leafs’ next game when Toronto travels to Columbus for a date with the Blue Jackets next Friday. Tune in to TSN4 at 7:00pm.

  • jasken

    Thought other than first 5 minutes of second period where they guys forgot to comeback from intermission mentally it was a good effort. Good to see them finally puttindg the puck in the net.

    Lots of positives moving forward and the get a day off followed by time to practice and work on their system for next game.

  • Gary Empey

    Are we sure that Carlyle is not occupying Babcock’s body and mind because in what world does Bozak continue to receive #1C minutes?

    This type of coaching makes no sense. Babcock uses Bozak like Carlyle used Mcclement. Fine Bozak had an average game though he continues to whiff on centring passes and is still a terrible defensive option.

    What happened to Babcock’s promises that Kadri will get the opportunity to prove himself. Kadri is once again saddled with less talented wingers and Bozak gets paired with the most talented leaf winger.

    • jasken

      Did you even watch the games? Do you only see what you want to see and ignore everything else? He needs to understand the word “Selflessness” and learn to work within the unit and use all that’s available to him to maxiumize his potential. It’s not just about his abilities and skills but his linemates too. It’s really sad to see Kadri sandbagging himself but you cant expect a coach to allow what Kadri has been doing.

      He needs to pass the dang puck when players call for it. When there is a signal for line change dump the puck and get off. He needs to stop trying to be a 1 man show he’s talented we get that but hockey is a team sport use your team mates and quit showboating.

  • jasken

    A highly entertaining game in which a Toronto team got a point this week. Considering how painful this season will truly be this game was badly needed by the sadly depressed Toronto sports fan. I will say someone has cursed the city as of course Lupul’s attempt went clang with the Ottawa goalie beaten.

  • jasken

    Don’t forget to forget to mention that Bozak had a beautiful goal, was +2 in a losing effort and was the best Leafs forward in this game. You guys are pathetic.

  • jasken

    It’s nice to finally say Bozak had a great game, probably one of his best as a Leaf. He needs to play like that every time. This was a great fun hockey game once Lupul scored that goal the whole team just looked more energized and enthusiastic that they could come back and did they ever! This is a game to build the rest of the season from, great effort for the 2nd game in a back to back.

  • giproc

    congrats to joffrey lupul for not only staying healthy this long and not being the first injured player on the team but matching his goal total from all of 2015 in one game!