Jimmy Vesey, Family Ties, and the Toronto Maple Leafs

On this evening’s Saturday Headlines segment during the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, Damien Cox and Elliotte Friedman gave us a quick update on college standout Jimmy Vesey and his potential pending free agency. 

Could Toronto already have an inside track? Read past the jump for the full details…

Vesey, a 22-year old winger who will soon begin his Senior year at Harvard University, was drafted by the Nashville Predators in the third round of the 2012 NHL Draft. Last season, Vesey lead the nation with 32 goals in 37 games played and finished only behind Jack Eichel and Evan Rodrigues in scoring with 58 points. 

Currently, Vesey’s rights still belong to the Predators. That said, if Nashville is unable to sign Vesey to an entry-level contract by next summer, he will become an unrestricted free agent. According to Cox, there is plenty of interest in the teams are already “lining up” for his services, but Toronto could be considered early favourites considering the Vesey family ties.

As Cox noted, Jimmy’s father – Jim Vesey – was recently hired by the Leafs as a scout.

What Cox didn’t mention is that Jimmy’s younger brother – Nolan Vesey – was drafted by the Leafs in the sixth round of the 2014 Draft. 

Family ties don’t guarantee anything, but this is definitely a storyline that we’ll be following closely all season. It’d be difficult to believe that the Leafs don’t have some sort of advantage considering the how many members of the Vesey clan are already part of the organization.

As for Jimmy, he has obvious top-six upside and could step into the NHL as soon as next year. He’d be an excellent “free wallet” pick-up for any team in the league, but there are few that could provide Vesey with a better opportunity to jump into NHL immediately. 

  • Justin let you and I admit to the hockey world that we too are on the leafs management team. After all isn’t all of Canada when you consider the size of that gaggle of management.

    But on a serious note the leafs will continue to leave no rock unturn as Rogers realizes that the major bleeding financially will continue as the Raptors continue to gain strength in the market along with the Jays. It is the massive t.v. contract that Rogers has with the lynch pin being the leafs who most observers recognize as an expansion team. Try to sell that to the advertisers and hockey fans in general.

    The pain will indeed be there for the ever so loyal leaf fan but trust me the blue suit board room boys don’t like seeing the money tree indeed shrinking. In reality that is nothing they can do about it except hope and pray that the umpteenth new management team since the 1960’s actually gets it right this time.

  • No more free wallets please. The last one we got who plays on the leafs causes way too much stress for leafs fans.

    The reason these players are free wallets is that they are more then likely to become an useless and aren’t very good player like Bozak.

    • You are indeed right Kessel Kadri as over the years there have been a number of these players signed with most of them not panning out. Hello Slap Shot Hanson off spring. How did he work out?? Actually Bozak is one of the better ones which speaks volumes about the other college free agents.

    • That’s incredibly wrong. A lot of the guys you’re talking about a) were never drafted and b) didn’t produce nearly as much as Vesey has.

      I’m sure Nashville would love to sign Vesey, but he knows he’ll have plenty more options and freedom if he holds out for one more year.

    • jasken

      Bozak is so bad your evidence is exactly nothing but a fancystat that really has no substance. He does his job he listens to coaches and plays for his teammates and is the most unselfish player on the team. He is showing his worth and has to Babcock which is why he gives him the minutes.

      You want to talk about useless I would rather play alongside Bozak than go on the ice with Kadri atleast I know I will get the puck, he wont do anything foolish or fancy he will go out there play his position and use his linemates properly. Now if this is useless please give me 4 of them.