LGD: Battle Of Fairly Averages

On Saturday night, the very defeated Leafs take on the undefeated Ottawa Senators. With just one goal for and seven against in their first two games, the Leafs look, to start the year, about as expected, honestly. Playing three games in four nights is almost never favourable, and for the 0-2 Leafs, it could present some difficulties.

Unless, of course, you’ve already written off the season, in which case, the schedule plays a hand in the early start of Tank Nation: 2016 Edition. 

In any case, Ottawa comes in with a 1-0 record with a victory over Jack Eichel’s Sabres, the only loss of his career to date. 

The Leafs

The Leafs defence of the past few seasons always finds a way to be a little hilarious, though I suppose you could say the same about the forward group. 

It’s unclear at the time of publishing who exactly will be pulled out.

Lineup via DailyFaceoff.com

The Senators

Ottawa goes with the same lineup from Friday. As they come in undefeated, the Leafs should probably just forfeit already.

Lineup via DailyFaceoff.com

Starting Goalies



What to watch for

  • Tyler Bozak, as twitter has told me, has led the Leafs’ forwards in ice time the past two games. 
  • If James Reimer plays well, it’ll be interesting to see how Mike Babcock handles the goaltending situation for the next little while.
  • Someone to score for the Leafs. That’d be nice.
  • jasken

    Hmmm who to take out? Normally I’m a bit of a Bozak defender, but he didn’t look effective last night, not much effort on the forecheck. It was 4-0, though, so I’m not sure I blame him.

    Winnick has been wasting possessions with easy shots from the blue line. This is artificial corsi padding.

    Harrington looked lost at times, didn’t know what to do with the puck in the corner.

    On the other side of things, Matthias has been good, although like everyone hasn’t found the scoring touch.

    I’ll be happy if we score more goals this year than last year’s Sabres, but it isn’t looking good.