LFR9 – Game 2 – Uh Uh Uh – Tor 0, Det 4

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The Leafs lay an egg in Mike Babcock’s return to Detroit, Jonathan Bernier might already lose his starting job, and Toronto sports fans simply aren’t allowed to enjoy anything.

  • jasken

    Steverino that was definitely more interesting than the leaf performance in the welfare city of Detroit. Some of the poor lost souls took my previous comment the wrong way. I think you are feeling the effect of the second half of the leaf’s last season where the team quit on the coach and the loyal leaf fans.

    The owners, Rogers, Bell and Larry panicked over the massive hemorhaging of precious money not flowing in. Obviously the hemorhaging will continue this year as I’m telling you and talk to anyone who has been a fan of over 50 years of the leafs, this squad will rank up their as one of the weakest. Hence less interest from the public in general.

    But this was predictable.

    A number of years ago I had an interview with one of the great hockey broadcasters that Canada has produced namely Jim Robson.

    He mentioned how difficult it was to cover the Canuckleheads during one stretch in which they accomplished the miraculous feat of being under 500 for 15 years straight.

    So in all seriousness I feel for you as a young guy having created a very talented crafted program to have the leafs be as abysmal as they have in the past decade.

    On the other hand the 20 million listening audience Rush Limbaugh was asked after Bill Clinton got relected if he was upset. Limbaugh pointed out that he had far more material to work with a democrat in the house than a republican.

    On the other hand as I reflect on the 1960’s it was fantastic to see the leafs win all those cups but to some extent it just became expected that they would win. It was well the leafs won another cup so ho hum what else is new.

    You, you lucky dog have soooo much material to use with this sad sack expansion team. Great line about Bernier I hear they have benched E.E. and Bernier will bat clean up. You don’t want to put him out there on the field as well as you pointed out he can’t catch anything.