Leo Komarov hits PK Subban from behind, annoys Habs, trouble brewing?


While it was far from the Raffi Torres hit from a few days ago, and he doesn’t quite have the reputation that would punishment until the end of time, Leo Komarov might not get away with a hit that he threw on PK Subban in the first period of the season opener.

Komarov received a boarding penalty on the play, and didn’t even put the Leafs on the penalty kill; Devante Smith-Pelly, noticing that Subban was worse for wear, came to his teammate’s defence and evened up the offenses.

With that said, if we take off our blue-tinted glasses, it’s not hard to see that this is the type of hit that the NHL is looking to get rid of. It’s away from the play, it’s a hit from behind, it’s to the boards, and Komarov spent way too much time chasing him. Leo is one of my favourite characters in the league, but if I’m the NHL, I’m looking at this one long and hard.

Subban spent lots of time testing his knee after the hit, but stayed in the game, which currently sees the Leafs down 1-0 after twenty minutes.

Screen capture courtesy of Rogers Sportsnet

  • Harte of a Lion

    I am not one to condone hits from behind, and I agree Subban is a very good defenceman but his reputation for chirping, stick work, dirty shots and turtling the moment someone calls him out, he gets no sympathy from me.
    Next time uncle Leo should run him over from the front.

  • Meathead25

    While the hit was garbage, I still have no sympathy for Subban…and as for Steve Simmons saying we should be cheering Subban? Screw that, he’s wearing a Habs jersey…sorry, off-topic…

  • Gary Empey

    I think Suban took a dive there to draw a penalty. If you watch the video closely you can see how Komarov tried to ease up to avoid hitting Suban too hard.

    Notice how he lowered his elbow prior to contact to avoid potentially harmful contact with Suban’s noggin.

  • Bill-Burford

    trash hit by uncle leo. disappointed. i like that he’s a mostly clean pest. don’t be a marchand, leo. you’re better than that. a bad hit is only acceptable if it’s against garbage like raffi torres and company. subban may be a flopper but he doesn’t deserve it. he’s a good guy and a good player. it was wrong.