Leafs claim Corrado, waive Panik, everyone clears

If you thought that the Leafs had a lot of defencemen already, the situation just got a little bit more confusing, as the blue and white laid claim to Vancouver Canucks defenceman Frank Corrado on waivers this afternoon. 

Corrado is a local talent; born in the GTA and developed in the Vaughan Kings minor hockey program. He split his junior hockey career between the Sudbury Wolves and Kitchener Rangers, and was drafted 150th overall by the Canucks in 2011.

Since then Corrado has spent most of his time in the AHL, playing for Canucks affiliates Chicago and Utica, but he’s also joined the big club for 28 regular season and four playoff games since 2012/13.

This is a very smart claim by the Leafs, who were ranked fourth on the waiver priority list. On top of being that ever-so-desirable right-handed shot from the point, Corrado is very patient with the puck and has strong speed, which meshes with the evolution of the Leafs’ defensive corps over the past few years. 

When we did our prospect ranked over at Canucks Army (suddenly, writing for two Nation Network sites gets awkward..) we had Corrado as Vancouver’s 6th-best prospect. To learn more about him, check out this nifty little prospect profile written by yours truly.

The Leafs will likely be looking to cut another defenceman in the upcoming hours, let alone days; Scott Harrington’s waiver-exempt status means that a paper transaction option is there, if they don’t send him down entirely.

Continuing the subject of waivers, the Leafs have placed Richard Panik on the wire. Originally claimed from the Tampa Bay Lightning last season, the 24-year-old winger scored eleven goals and added six assists over 76 games last year. He appeared to produce decently enough for the minutes that he played and wasn’t a liability on the ice. However, he was unlikely to get many minutes this season.

If the Leafs lose him, it’ll be a bit of a shame, but when you consider that he was a free asset to begin with, it’s also not something to cry yourself to sleep over. If he clears, the Toronto Marlies get that much better, particularly when you consider that TJ Brennan, Byron Froese, Sam Carrick, Matt Frattin, and Andrew Campbell all cleared waivers this morning.

  • Skill2Envy

    Good pick up. Don Cherry will be happy. I wonder what this means for Robidas or Harrington now. The easy answer would be to send Harrington down as he is waiver exempt and will see a top 4 role on the Marlies with Percy and Brennan.

    The correct move would be to get rid of Robidas!

    Not a big loss in Panik but he gave his all every shift!

  • Skill2Envy

    Well, Dick Panik jokes were one of the few things I was looking forward to this season, but at least the Leafs have Corrado-lled in a good asset?

    Yeah, not the same.

    • Skill2Envy

      On the plus side we will be Harring-ton about the Leafs losing and they can Grabner Austin Matthews first overall- we might just Winnik this year after losing McDavid this draft.

      I’m sure Babcock will get the Boyes playing well enough that once again they will select around 5th throwing this rebuild into a Lup-ul.

      I’m just glad management has had Pha-neuf of Bozak as the #1 centre, that Rielly makes me happy.

      As lastly there is no Reimer reason why James isn’t starting Wednesday as he was better than Bernier in the pre-season. I hope James gets a fair shot at the number #1 job, and either him or Bernier can bring back assets.

      So don’t Panik, there is still positives to look forward to, we have a Shanaplan.

  • Gary Empey

    Someone somewhere asked if Toronto has to keep Corrado with the leafs for the rest of the season.

    IF A PLAYER IS CLAIMED: If a team that claims a player on waivers wishes to trade them before the end of that season’s playoffs, they have to first offer that player to any other teams that claimed.

    A team that claims a player on waivers wishes to put them in the minors can do so, as long as that player clears the waiver process again.

    Exception Example: Vancouver put Frank Corrado on waivers and was just claimed by Toronto, Toronto can’t put him in the AHL without another waiver process. But if Vancouver claims Corrado back off waivers after losing him earlier in the season, they can send him straight to the minors without another waiver process.

    In my opinion Vancouver would likely claim him back and send him straight to the minors unless he has some personal issues not generally known.