“Go Leafs Go!” Forever

The Maple Leafs Forever… from HockeyFilms on Vimeo.

When you’re stuck in the news cycle surrounding the Leafs, it’s tough to remember how much you enjoy hockey and just being a fan, especially recently. It’s nice to get a good reminder of what it’s like to have fun watching this club, and we all know there’s no shortage of memorable highlights to look back on. [Like, way back] 

As we head into the new season tomorrow night, check out this video from Tim Thompson (or “b0undless“) and get a little fired up for the blue and white, in what we hope is the beginning of finally turning the corner.

Admittedly, I almost* shed a tear when it got to the Dougie wrap-around goal.


  • giproc

    Incredible memories for a leaf fan of now over 60 years. In watching all those hilites, the common denominator was the tremendous leadership on the leaf teams of the past.

    Till this new executive which has set a Guinness world record with the number of people in the gaggle of management can get the necessary players who actually profess the slogan of defeat does not rest lightly on our shoulders, the leafs will disappoint those numerous sad looking young fans.

    I can only convey to the younger crowd that there was a lot of smiling especially in the glorious 1960 decade.

    I’ve been a fan of the Jays from day one and a Raptor fan. But I realize these professional teams are truly a business first. In the case of the ever improving Raptors I noticed that they have a brutal early schedule as they play few home games in November. Obviously the leafs will also be on the road much of the month in November as well. Once again M.L.S.E. who one year had a liberal leadership convention and the ice capades perform in November resulting in the leafs having 1 freaking home game in the month of November.

    95% of us know this is one of the worst leaf teams on paper in the history of the club. When M.L.S.E. gives them a brutal schedule which starts with 3 games in 4 nights and once again the most back to back games of any team in the eastern conference, you realize that similar to that video the haunting words of Brian MacFarlane echo as he announces that Mr. Ballard would like nothing more than to win a Stanley cup. In reality he wanted nothing more than to squeeze every last nickel out of the loyal fans.

    M.L.S.E. could hire the pope to join the management but their only priority is to fill those Loomis trucks on game night. The financial bleeding was heavy after the team quit on the coach and the city last January. They realized that all they had to do was bring in a gaggle of new management and promise the utterly loyal fans that come the 53rd year since 1967 the leafs will be Stanley cup contenders.

    So yes a lot of fond memories from the video but a strong sense of utter betrayal by the greedy, money grabbing owners of this hockey team over the past 50 years.

  • Bill-Burford

    I’ve been a Leaf fan since the 40s.Over the years there has been many changes to the game.The wearing of the blue and white meant something to the players and they were willing to give their all for the team.It was this chemistry that made them so great.Sadly this seems lost today with the exception of a few.

    Howie Meeker said it once after a loss in Vancouver that it takes heart and the will to win to make a good team.Where has it gone>