LGD: Finally the Babcock Has Come Back to Detroit


Yes it’s night everyone in Michigan was waited for. It’s their chance to act like they never liked Babcock and that somehow Blashill is going to magically improve their team that has been in slow decline since their last Stanley Cup. I’m sure a big deal will be made of this, and next week an even bigger deal will be made about when Babcock returns for his first regular season game in Detroit and we pretend that this game never happened and watch him awkwardly answer press conference questions about what it feels like to be on the visitor’s bench.

Tonight’s game is on TSN 4 (Leafs Region) at 7:30 PM. The rest of us are left hoping the Wings do the right thing and put the game up on their team website.


For a team with limited defensive options it’s truly remarkable that these defensive pairings still manage to disappoint beyond our already low expectations. I guess that’s going to happen whenever you have Robidas front and center. 

Tonight is likely the last chance to impress for Hyman and Kapanen, and for Hyman it’s the added bonus of playing against former University of Michigan linemate, Dylan Larkin, for the first time.


Dan Cleary is in the lineup. That will never not be funny.


  • To say I’m excited to see what the Leafs top line is capable of is an understatement
  • The Leafs are running with some radically different defense pairings from what they’ve used previously in camp. They look bad, but maybe they help make some decisions clearer on players who should be cut in favour of the more youthful options
  • With Danny DeKeyser out for the Wings, how bad does their defense look?
  • Does the Matthias-Bozak-Lupul line end up playing 4th line minutes, because they are clearly the least impressive group of forwards in the preseason so far?