Crisis Averted: Radio Crew Road-Bound After All

The powers that be at our favourite multimedia conglomerates appear to have had a change of heart this afternoon and have decided that broadcasters Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph will continue to follow the team along in 2015/16.

This comes just a day after news came out reporting that the duo would be calling games by watching a TV feed in a studio, which, as I argued today in an earlier post, is a significant downgrade on the experience for all parties

The duo will travel alongside the team, rather than with them, thanks to Lou Lamoriello’s new policy involving broadcasters and chartered flights. But the fact that they’ll be there is most important. 

  • Gary Empey

    What Bell/Rogers could have done to avoid the bad publicity could of been something like this.

    Set up a large screen open to the public at either no charge or a dollar, with the money split between charity. and to cover the cost of the screen. Have Joe and Jim do the radio show live from there.

    Then they would of garnered lots of great publicity, saved some money and been lauded as being progressive and creative. After every game something would be written about how the radio broadcast went down by the big screen. Lots of flashes on the TV broadcast to the what’s happening from the big screen broadcast.

    Edit- They could occasionally take the radio show on the road to some of the small cities and large towns in southern Ontario.

    I am happy to see “our favourite multimedia conglomerates” change their minds.

  • Gary Empey

    I’m glad to see that you are taking some credit for shaming the bastards into restoring our radio broadcast even though I wasn’t impressed with your original response.

    We should probably start a petition to have Bob Cole and Joe Bowen do the TV broadcasts and to restore Ron McLain. Funny how a little bad publicity goes a long way in influencing the giant media corporation.

    The evil corporation is cutting corners at every turn and showing its true colours – anything for the obscenely rich ‘product’ on the ice and nothing for the workers and fans.