LGD: Cody Franson Returns

By game four the preseason begins to feel like a grind, but thankfully superstar defenceman, Cody Franson returning adds some heat to this game. He’s gonna possess all the pucks, and you’re gonna be like, “aw man, I wish he’d let Toronto possess some of those pucks,” and Cody’s gonna be like, “nah, I don’t let you do that any more, but enjoy Stephane Robidas.”

Honestly, who really cares about Franson? He was pretty good, but doesn’t really fit in well with the rebuild and the Leafs got an excellent return for him. Instead let’s just be disappointed that Jack Eichel isn’t playing and that could have made the game interesting.

Tonight the game is on Sportsnet 360, so a lot more of you are able to watch the game. It’s also on TSN 1050 and it starts at 7:30 ET. Plan accordingly.


With back to back games tonight and tomorrow, the Leafs have kept their roster at 46, giving them the option to let everyone have at least one night off. The top line tonight resembles something you can actually see the Leafs using, while the rest still look like they need some work.

Phaneuf and Hunwick remain together and looks like they’ll be the second pairing come opening night, while Rielly gets a break from his usual partner, Jake Gardiner. Honestly for the preseason, these are pretty likeable D pairings, although there isn’t a right handed shot to be found, if that kind of thing matters to you.


No Eichel and no Kane means a less interesting Sabres team, but Moulson and Ryan O’Reilly playing together will have suffice as a preseason top line. Sam Reinhart is the only other forward really worth caring about that will be playing.

From the Buffalo News:

Moulson-R. O’Reilly-Gionta
Reinhart-C. O’Reilly-Bailey


  • Waivers are open, and the Leafs have more players in camp than most NHL teams. This is probably the last chance to see guys like Frattin and Carrick before they join the Marlies
  • I’m interested in seeing how Marner compares to Reinhart. In some ways they are similar, though Marner is still better. If Marner gets some shifts at center, that would be nice
  • Harrington has had to play a lot with Robidas. Seeing him with Rielly will be a treat.
  • How badly do you want to see Grabner and Marner whip by Franson all night?
Of course tonight is also the first night the Sabres go up against the man they thought was going to be their head coach. Remember to laugh about that tonight. It’s funny.