• I’m 32 and in my final year of law school, so hopefully not.

      Austrian Mason Raymond is right – the Canucks traded Grabner in 2010 because he and Raymond played basically the same role and the Canucks had more faith in Raymond (who just had a 50 point season, and put up over 40 points in 2011 until he had his back broken).

      Grabner’s good and fun as long as he stays healthy. Probably won’t ever score 34 goals again, but you can hope.

  • I’m very disappointed in the decision to move Carter Verhaeghe. He needed to work with Barb on his skating but I had hoped they’d give him more time. He’s just out of junior, for goodness sakes.

  • more like the austrian joffrey lupul. at least lupul will have a younger pal to chill with in the press box once they both inevitably injure themselves. robidas probably chills with lou since they’re closer in age.