WWYDW: PTO Preferences

As if their roster isn’t already packed to the brim with middling talent, the Toronto Maple Leafs have three players signed to professional tryout offers (or PTOs) – Curtis Glencross, Brad Boyes and Devin Setoguchi.

All three have had varying degrees of success in the NHL, though Glencross and Boyes certainly have an edge. I could see either of them being useful players on the Leafs roster this season, and could turn out to be useful trade pieces come deadline day. That said, Toronto is very close to the 50-contract limit and none of these PTO players would offer any significant upgrade on what’s already there.

So what would you do? 

Would you let all of Glencross, Boyes and Setoguchi walk? Or do you feel strongly enough about one of them that you’d make other moves to get them onto the roster? Would you trade anyone to make it work, or a depth player to at least make room for the contract?

Let us know in the comments below… Whoever gets a rise out of the most thumbs gets a PTO as well.

  • Benjamin

    You don’t think Boyes is a notable upgrade? He’s a decent second liner by most measures and he’d come cheap/tradeable. Add on that the Leafs RW depth is abysmal (PA, Panik and…) or even the feel-good Toronto homecoming, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    Barring an awful summer that we don’t know about yet, I don’t see how he doesn’t earn a cheap, one year contract that magically turns into draft picks in a few months.

    • You’re likely going to have Parenteau, Matthias and Panik down the right side. Boyes is a “significant” upgrade on that group? I mean, he’s probably better than Panik, but really… who cares? He might get you a third round pick at the deadline. He might get you absolutely nothing.

      You’d sign any of these guys fill a roster spot, not win you any games. So, no. I don’t think he’s a significant upgrade. I wouldn’t move mountains to fit him in.

      • Benjamin

        He’s certainly better than Panik and Matthias. Points, possession, however you want to measure them really. Whether or not it’s significantly better I’ll leave to you. Even if you don’t flip him for a draft pick, you want to force the kids down? Put a decent player in front of them.

        And moving mountains? He’s likely going to sign for one year and under $1M, what mountains do the Leafs have to move to accommodate that?

        I just don’t understand how you can get super excited for Winnik (who I also like) on a 2 year, $2.2M per contract and disparage bringing in Boyes for a one year bargain.

        • One, I’m ok with pushing Panik down the lineup, but I want to see what Matthias and Parenteau can do with consistent top six minutes (though, I’d re-sign Matthias and trade Parenteau is the results are good).

          Two, there’s already enough bodies in front of he kids to prevent them from playing in the NHL too soon. Even if you have injury problems and have to go to the Marlies for help, plug in a guy like Leivo for a few games.

          Three, it’s not the money or term that I’m talking about when I talk mountains. I think the Leafs are somewhere around 48 or 49 contracts, and I imagine they don’t want to hit 50 contracts because it limits flexibility. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a smart waiver claim or a two-for-one trade because I’m up against the contract limit. What I mean about mountains was calling every team in the league to say “hey, I need to move a contract because I MUST have Boyes.”

          I like Winnik because I feel he has very real value now and also in the future. He could be a Leaf for the next five years and fill an important role. Plus, he’s already here and already under contract. Boyes is a one-and-done kind of deal.

          Boyes is a fine piece but I don’t see tremendous value in wedging him into the roster at someone else’s expense. I also don’t see the point in trying to actively improve this roster (I’m not suggesting Toronto should tank, but I wouldn’t help them either.)

          • Benjamin

            We’ll have to agree to disagree on the other points, but I do hear you on the SPC limit.

            Here’s the thing though, I have to believe these PTOs were given with a plan in place that one of them gets a contract at the end of camp (I mean unless they all actually underperform of course). Otherwise, if they come in and outperform a couple guys on the roster, and then all get tossed aside? That’s actually a pretty big black mark on this management group.

            I’d bet money that most of these guys had other PTO offers (heard Tlusty had 5+ for example). But they chose Toronto because this management group convinced them to come here based on the idea of real opportunity. And you can say that they still get the chance to showcase themselves in TO, the biggest of markets, but when’s the last time someone got an offer from a different team than the one they signed the PTO for? No, this management group had to have convinced them that there was real opportunity hear in Toronto.

            So when Boyes comes in and plays like he belongs on this team, and the guy put up 38 pts last year, he belongs on an NHL team, then Toronto needs honour that agreement. Otherwise, the idea that Toronto is some sort of FA destination, or that they treat their players fairly, is going to dry up real quick. Plus the things I wrote about him above, of course.

          • Jeremy Ian

            The argument about management’s credibility in dealing with players is very important. Good point. Who’d want to negotiate with a franchise that functions in bad faith? Only losers with few options you don’t want anyway.

  • SEER

    I’d wait until I see how they perform this pre-season, without judging prematurely.. In reality, I think only 2 out of 3 “at the most” will be on the final roster…. We also have to evaluate where everyone else is…

  • STAN

    Replacing Kessel with Boyes on the right side with Bozak and JvR makes perfect sense because they could again vie for the worst plus/minus in the NHL.

    And that’s what the Leafs need for a couple more years – laughably weak defending.

    Auston Matthews anyone?

  • Benjamin

    Management probably already has an idea if they’re going to keep them they just want the security blanket of pre-season games to see who gels, who gets injured. Plus more options means they’re able to keep Nylander in the AHL for a year of playing center (but that kid is ready for the NHL though).

  • silentbob

    I think those 3 are there in case eu trade Lupul, Bozak and/or JVR before the season starts.

    If all 3 of gem are on the roster opening night, I don’t see how they have room to offer any of the PTO guys a full time contract