The Steve Dangle Podcast – Sep 15, 2015 – Alter Returns

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On this episode, David Alter finally comes back to talk about his job with the Leafs, the past, future, and Mike Babcock.

  • SEER

    Well.. If Alter is the head reporter working directly with the Leafs, than he needs to be a lot better at editing and fact-checking.., because the leafs didn’t even make playoffs… and Kadri was four on the points list last season, so he might be better to look down the list a little further.. (as I’m sure was your main point here, Steve..) It should actually be a little embarassing to Alter AND to Leafs management when they all read this tweet. Accountability should run through ALL parts of the organization.

    On the other side of the coin, Kadri shouldn’t be dissing a reporter in public, imo… Babs wants the team to be “good people”.. and that means swallowing your pride at times and keeping certain opinions private and/or just between the team members themselves. Alter already embarrassed himself to the world, with his inaccuracy. Having team members point it out will most likely only result in more bad press..

    As some of my elders would say… “It’s up to you, which wolf you feed inside you”..

    • Those tweets are from 2013, when the Leafs did make the playoffs and Kadri did cool off late in the season. The tweet is referring to the Leafs concerns heading into contract negotiations and not wanting to sign Kadri to a long-term deal.

      It’s a perfectly reasonable report from Alter. Absolutely nothing wrong about it. Kadri came off as a dick here, no question.

      And hey, I like Kadri, but this was pretty stupid of him. Alter said or did nothing wrong.